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Komen Forgetting Psychological Impact of Abortion – (week of Jan 10, 2012)

Komen Forgetting Psychological Impact of Abortion – (week of Jan 10, 2012)
January 10, 2012 Lighthouse Network
Komen Forgetting Psychological Impact of Abortion with Planned Parenthood Decision

PHILADELPHIA, PA – The worldwide breast cancer charity Susan G. Komen for the Cure reversed a controversial decision late last week and will continue to provide funding to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider. Today, one psychiatrist is reminding Komen of the dis-service Planned Parenthood is actually providing.

A Comment From Lighthouse Network founder and Executive Director, Dr. Karl Benzio

“‘Do no harm’ and ‘informed consent’ are two foundational components of healthcare,” said Karl Benzio, M.D., founder, executive director and a psychiatrist at the Lighthouse Network, an addiction and mental health referral program. “Planned Parenthood has disregarded the ‘do no harm’ tenet by killing many young men and women before they could even be born. They also harm mothers, as abortions lead to many psychological issues and contribute to medical issues including breast cancer. Even further, the abortions Planned Parenthood provides also harm fathers who struggle with their own psychological issues after consenting to an abortion, or even worse, the mother having an abortion against the protests of the father.

“Planned Parenthood also ignores informed consent,” Benzio continued, “as the abortion provider doesn’t inform patients of the medical facts and pros and cons of the recommendations and interventions they are advising and performing. They refuse to offer ultrasounds or to inform mothers that a growing baby is inside of them by showing a picture of their child and his or her beating heart. Planned Parenthood doesn’t inform them of the harm of the abortion or the infection, bleeding, future reproductive capabilities, mental health ramifications or cancer risks that can come with it.”

Lighthouse Network also provides the Lighthouse Addiction Helpline, a free, 24-hour counseling helpline, and many who are struggling and seek help through the referral network and helpline. Benzio and Lighthouse’s team of talented counselors and referral specialists help guide those who are lost back to the path God intended for them.

“I wonder who Planned Parenthood – and by association Susan G. Komen – thinks they are helping in the long run, because they certainly aren’t involved in the patient’s life after an abortion to help clean up the mess,” Benzio said. “As a physician and healthcare provider, the two basic guidelines of ‘do no harm’ and ‘informed consent’ are paramount. They require compassion, integrity and a conscience. They also require a love for the patient and a valuing of all life, not just the ones they choose to value. When a healthcare provider determines that one life is valuable and another isn’t, or that the patient doesn’t need to know the pros and cons of her treatment options, we are on a scary and ruthless downward slope to more atrocious conduct to come.”

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For Family Businesses there are added pressures and stresses in that people know each other’s baggage, insecurities, weaknesses, and shortcomings. There are extra pressures to succeed, work harder, and work longer. At times a Business Family ignores or “protects” the person from the natural consequences thus enabling the destructive/dysfunctional behavior to continue.

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