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Where Do You Fill Your Vessel?

Where Do You Fill Your Vessel?
October 1, 2021 Lighthouse Network

October 1, 2021

Where Do You Fill Your Vessel?

Transformational Thought

COVID has stressed many. Not just getting, or fearing getting the virus, but losing loved ones, social isolation, and many disruptions to jobs, education, kids activities, and finances adversely impacted so many people’s lives, and for a significant number, really destabilized their thinking. Not surprisingly, depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, addictions and suicide have dramatically increased since April 2020. The internet is filled with many tips to help cope, but the following ad really caught my attention: “10 ways to be happier in 2 minutes or less.” Wow! What a deal! I would even splurge and give up 10 minutes. How about you? Would you have been tempted to click on that link? Be honest with yourself! I would really like to know how many people did click in search of quick-hit happiness. I’m even more curious to see how many Christians clicked.

Why is true lasting happiness, regardless of circumstances, so hard to “find?” Moreover, when we do find happiness, why does it seem to leave so quickly? Scripture tells us that God created us as earthen vessels. However, we are very leaky containers that can never stay filled because our fleshly lenses are so “me” and “now” oriented. We pursue quick fixes to soothe ourselves. We focus on our discomforts and what we lack. Happiness seems elusive. Our selfish need to have more makes happiness very short-lived.

We need frequent refills because we are emptied so quickly. While it’s true we are earthen vessels, God designed us to be filled with heavenly content that can’t leak out. His desire is to fill us with Himself and His wisdom. The million-dollar decision that we get to make everyday is whether we will fill our vessel with what God offers or fill it with the crappy stuff that easily leaks out.

So, here are some questions to ponder. Where do you go to fill up your vessel? What do you put in your vessel? In addition, when you do put God’s gifts in your vessel, do you use and re-use them and enjoy the happiness they bring? Do you pour them out and replace them with a cheap substitute? Do you go to the dollar store to grab items that break easily, causing you to revisit frequently without ever being satisfied? If so, go to the luxury store where you’ll find quality that lasts. What’s more, God’s luxury store is full of FREE items and He’ll give them to you abundantly.

Today, more than ever, remain in the presence of God. He is excited and pleased to fill you with His Glory-gifts. But this takes time. Don’t rush the process. Examine some truths you already know. See if you can consistently apply them to a couple more small areas of your life, instead of applying cheap imitations from the world or your past. This is how you use and re-use the Glory-gifts in your vessel. Whether your pursuit of happiness pushes you to fill yourself with what God offers or you fill yourself with the leaky and ineffective false claims of the world — it’s your decision, so choose well.


Dear Father God, Without You my emptiness is profound. I know that I am an earthen vessel—and a leaky one at that. I need to be filled and refilled with Your love, joy and peace. Because Your gifts leak out of me, I need your continual presence. I need You endlessly for renewal. I have been empty for so long, Father, for as long as I can remember. I always knew that I was a leaky vessel. I saw myself as a defect—a mistake. But I rejoice in the awareness that I am not a mistake, that You made me to hold in your glory-gifts. This keeps me looking at You and coming to You for renewal. Thank You, Father. All praise and glory be to You. I also pray that You fill me with Your Holy Spirit—the most precious treasure of all. Fill me with Your holy scripture. And as You fill me with Your gifts, let Your beautiful light shine through me like a Lighthouse into other people’s lives. Let me do Your work today in ways that I don’t even understand. I pray in need of and through the perfect filling for my vessel, Jesus Christ. And all God’s children say AMEN!

The Truth

“However, we possess this precious treasure (the divine light of the Gospel) in (frail, human) vessels of earth, that the grandeur and exceeding greatness of the power may be shown to be from God and not from ourselves.” 2 Corinthians 4:7

“In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

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