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Why Sexual Addiction Requires Treatment

Why Sexual Addiction Requires Treatment
December 30, 2021 Lighthouse Network

A lack of control over sexual ideas, impulses, and cravings is classified as a sex addiction. While sexual desires are natural, sex addiction refers to actions that are carried out in excess and have a negative impact on individual lives. For many people, the first step toward understanding sex addiction is to forget everything ever seen on TV or in the movies about the illness. Sex addiction is frequently shown as a moral failure or in jest across television shows and films. In fact, the truth about sex addiction isn’t amusing at all, often requiring sexual addiction treatment facilities.

Forms of Sexual Addictions

Here are the different forms of sexual addictions for which patients may need to visit sexual addiction treatment facilities:

  • Masturbation or Sexual Fantasy
  • Watching or Consuming Pornography
  • Exhibition or Voyeurism
  • Sexual Acts
  • Prostitution

While indulging in the above activities from time to time may not be considered addictive, a persistent desire to perform these without any control is what necessitates action. There’s a major cause for concern if obsessive sexual conduct starts having extreme personal ramifications, negatively impacting physical and mental health, as well as quality of life and personal relationships. This obsessive and destructive behavior can cause its sufferer to be ashamed, emotionally unsatisfied, and possibly have dangerous consequences.

What Causes Sex Addiction?

No single factor or influence has been identified as the direct cause of sex addiction or love/relationship addiction, as has been the case with other addictions and behavior disorders. Many specialists believe that issues in the brain’s pleasure and reward centers might lead to sexual addiction. People who have had substantial childhood traumas (such as poor family relationships or childhood sexual abuse) are more likely to acquire sexual compulsions as adults. Adults with traumatic childhood histories are also more prone to suffer from the low self-esteem and self-image that is typical among people who engage in addictive sex and relationship practices.

Symptoms of an Addict

Sex is used as an instrument to tide over every situation by a sex addict, much like alcohol for alcoholics. Even after disastrous consequences, victims are unable to stop themselves. Common symptoms are:

  • Unwillingness to commit to a loving relationship
  • An unhealthy preoccupation with sex that takes over life
  • Shameful sexual activity with a lot of power
  • Interfering sexual fantasies and activities with work performance
  • Inability to Control One’s Sexual Behavior
  • Constantly preparing for or thinking about sexual activities
  • Little or no Emotional Fulfillment From Sex
  • Tendency to Cheat on a Partner
  • Feelings of self-worth are dependent on the status of relationships
  • Criminal Cases Like Molestation (Rare)

Is Treatment Possible?

Treatment for sex addiction is a complex and highly customized process that must consider a variety of elements. I like childhood abuse traumas, along with other co-existing issues like depression, addiction, and alcoholism. Treatment methods include:

  • Family Systems Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Relationship Counseling
  • Psychodrama Therapy
  • Medication
  • Group or Individual Therapy

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