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Meet Dr. Karl Benzio

Dr. Karl Benzio is the founder of Lighthouse Network and a Christian psychiatrist at Lighthouse Psychiatry. He has helped thousands of individuals discover freedom from addictions and emotional stress. In addition, he has worked with people around the world to enhance their personal growth, conflict resolution, and decision-making skills.

Education and Expertise:
Dr. Benzio received his B.S.E. in Biomedical Engineering with focus in Central Nervous System imaging from Duke University, his M.D. from Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School, and completed his Psychiatric Residency at UC–Irvine. His expertise is Decision-Making Sciences and its application specifically to understanding Behavioral Health healing, and generally to all of our daily life activities and yearnings.

Personal Turning Point:
Dr. Benzio understands the challenges that people encounter when facing a battle with alcohol, drug, or mental health issues. As a medical school student, an ongoing struggle with anxiety, anger, and alcohol led to being arrested for six counts of aggravated assault, and it almost cost him everything. That night in jail, God spoke to Karl saying, not audible, but in his spirit,

“You made me your Savior when you were a little kid, but you never made me Lord. If you make me Lord of your life, I will help you understand decision-making to transform your life and as well as many others.”

Through that experience, Karl developed a passion for integrating the study of brain chemistry, psychiatry, and spiritual truth into a process for making wise decisions and helping others enjoy lasting life transformation.

PsychoSpiritual Philosophy:
Combining his training with experiences as a physician (Body), psychiatrist (Mind), a devoted follower of Christ (Spirit), a biomedical engineer (Brain imaging and practical problem solver), and a former alcoholic, Karl developed a unique cutting-edge BioPsychoSpiritual model focusing on the Spiritual Discipline of Decision-Making which uncovers the cause while also revealing how to apply the Bible’s teachings to treat all our psychological and spiritual struggles.

Karl firmly believes Jesus, being the Great Physician and Wonderful Counselor, is the Perfect Psychiatrist, coming to Earth to start a Behavioral Health Revolution through his radical and world-changing teaching and backing it up by living it under the most adverse temptation, pressure, and injustice. Jesus is the prescription for our psycho-spiritual healing both in this lifetime and eternity.

Unique Professional Experiences:
Dr. Benzio has been blessed to testify in front of the Pennsylvania Legislature, Washington, DC Legislature, United States Congress, and the President’s Bioethics Committee. Internationally, he’s taught parenting, counseling, forgiveness, leadership, decision-making, and conflict resolution skills in Kenya and while working with traumatized and tortured victims of Joseph Kony’s ruthless abuses in Uganda and Sudan. In his most unique mission, at the request of the Iraqi government, Dr. Benzio led the first behavioral health team into post-Hussein Iraq teaching his Decision-Making curriculum to Muslim Iraqi national healthcare providers and Christian churches.

Karl serves on the Focus on the Family Physician Resource Council, as the Pennsylvania State Director of the American Academy of Medical Ethics, as a member and media spokesperson for the Christian Medical and Dental Association, as a content provider for iDisciple, and on various national task forces fighting physician assisted suicide, euthanasia, abortion, stem cell research, and same sex marriage legislation and related issues while trying to protect freedom of religion, Right of Conscience for professionals, and access to pro-heterosexual and birth-gender affirming therapy.

Professional Mission:
Dr. Benzio passionately continues the Behavioral Health Revolution Jesus started, revealing psychological science’s validation of the Bible, showing the Bible has the answers for healing our mind and transforming our life, and helping Christians become Lighthouses so others would see God’s power, love, forgiveness, grace, and peace through their Biblical living.

Most importantly, Karl is married to his best friend, Martine for 25 years, is a father to 3 wonderful daughters, Dominique, 24, (who’s married to Adam Dove), Nicole, 21, and Gigi, 16. Karl loves travel, psychologically intriguing TV shows and movies, anything about decision-making, and sports, especially Pittsburgh and Duke teams.

Contact Info:
Cell: 215-630-8846
Email: Kbenzio@gmail.com


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