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Specific Projects

Project 1 – Help 7,000 hurting people who call our Helpline and or inquire through our website.


Project 2 – Lighthouse Christian Programs

  • Develop 2 more Lighthouse Christian Residential Rehab Programs
  • Maintain and grow the existing Lighthouse Christian treatment programs
  • Develop one Lighthouse Christian Psychiatric Program – there are only 3 Christian Psych programs in the U.S.


Project 3 – Digital Communications Needs

  • Expand our online reach through digital marketing and communications
  • Expand the resources topics to include information about prescription drug addiction, heroin and opiates and more


Project 4 – Help Our Helpline Remain Free

Our free national addiction and mental health treatment helpline (1-844-543-3242) is our most vital and acutely life-saving service. Since its inception in 2003, we have helped over 15,000 callers at no charge. Currently, we help over 6000 callers per year, with each case taking multiple phone calls from several staff to get all the information and find the best treatment situation. We also spend time and money scrutinizing the various options available. With all this work involved, the average cost per caller is about $50.00.

Please consider supporting us to help the people who call in need of life-saving treatment. Your gift of $50.00 will directly impact an individual in significant need of your compassion, allowing us to step in and spend the necessary time to guide them out of the storms of their life.

Thank you for your willingness to have a direct impact in guiding individual back on the path of a fulfilling life of meaning and purpose.


Project 5 – Conferences

  • Presenting at 2 National Conferences, Exhibiting at 3 National Conferences
  • Co-hosting a regional pastors and counselors conference on behavioral health issues.


Project 6 –  LN Staff

  • Add another Care Guide for the LN Helpline.
  • Grow our Prayer Team.


Project 7 – Shattered Silence – Documentary covering behavioral health issues for school assemblies and youth events

  • 10 School Assemblies
  • Increase exposure and distribution on Christian TV and Video outlets
  • Grants and Corporate Sponsorship to grow the outreach and impact
  • Lighthouse Network Helpline provides support in finding treatment options for viewers in need

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Project 8 – Ministry Partnership – Local, Regional, National

  • Continue to seek out treatment facilities and ministries and para-church agencies to share our services and expertise with.
  • Celebrate Recovery
  • Addictions Victorious
  • National Association for Christian Recovery


Get help now! Call (844) 543-3242