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Fort Lauderdale Hospital Testimonials

“I went into FLH with a chip on my shoulder and the first 2 weeks I was swearing at people and I admit I wasn’t very nice. The nurses at the place were kind to me, but also did a great job and stood up to me and didn’t put up with any of my junk.
Dr. Sanchez was more thorough then my primary doctor and found out I had congestive heart failure, and the Activity Coordinator was sweet and
always concerned about how I was doing.
Before I left I apologized to everyone and now I admit how wrong I was…Ft. Lauderdale Hospital is a good place and you learn a lot.”

-James D., Treatment in May 2015

” I wanted to call and tell you thank you so much for everything. Travis went to rehab for the first time at Ft. Lauderdale Hospital and it really did him some good. The doctor put him on a mood stabilizer and he’s like a totally different (for the better) person. I 100% appreciate you guys and thank you, I’m so grateful. The people at Lighthouse Network and Fort Lauderdale Hospital are changing people’s lives, God is going to continuously bless you for that.”

-Kimmi H., Wife of Travis H. In treatment August 2015

” Sal has been in several different facilities: Horsham Clinic, Kennedy in Philly and another one in Port St. Lucie, and these people at Ft. Lauderdale hospital really helped him the most. This place gave him more help and the tools he really needed to get it together and stay sober.”

-Carla, Mom of Salvatore B. In Treatment September 2015

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