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Lighthouse Network 2014 Year End Letter

Thanks to your support and prayer, 2014 ushered in a new dramatic opportunity and marked transition into a new season of organizational life, while allowing Lighthouse to not only continue our services, but increase what we can provide. Please take a minute and watch this quick video testimony from one of LN’s clients and see how God is working in her life through the ministry of Lighthouse Network!

Pamela LN Client Testimony

Let me explain. 2003 Lighthouse Network incorporated, 2004 we got our 501c3, and for 10 years impacted many lives and families with unique life-saving, life-changing services. I am a good psychiatrist and educator and filled with wisdom about the intersection of science and the Bible to help people heal and transform. Unfortunately, administrative tasks bogged me down and my weaknesses as a manager put a ceiling on our growth and service development.

After much prayer for God’s wisdom and direction, key meetings with our board and key staff, we knew God was leading us to a productive collaboration or partnership with another organization. We vetted several options, and God opened the door with one of our contracted vendors. Serious discussions led to a merger of Lighthouse Network and International Recovery Management on July 1, 2014. Legally, LN dissolves. LN’s assets, contracts, and liabilities are transferred to IRM, and our employees become employees of IRM. IRM assumed our name, therefore does business as Lighthouse Network!

Practically, those using our services saw no difference, and in fact, our services have actually improved. The benefits of merging, or being acquired:

  1. Our partner is a 501c3 with the same mission to bring sound science and Biblical truths to help the struggling and use this platform to spread the Gospel message.
  2. We have an organizational and business mind with a track record of business and ministry success, Dr. David Hoskins, a former pastor, whose father started OneHope, a powerful international ministry.
  3. Our Helpline is now 24/7 and calls are recorded. We have better consistency and placement success and more options to connect our callers to.
  4. I am freed to work on the Life Growth educational resources:
    • Life Change with Dr. Karl – a one minute show discussing behavioral health issues from a Biblical perspective on 465 Christian Radio Stations (To listen, go to https://lighthousenetwork.org/life-change-with-dr-karl/)
    • Continuing Stepping Stones Daily Devotional
    • Providing tips and educational content for our growing website
    • Speaking at national conferences; being part of the Focus on the Family Physicians Resource Council
    • Developing Christian Rehab Programs
    • Developing strategic partnerships and collaborations with other ministries
    • More media opportunities to equip and help others and raise awareness of LN’s services
    • Working on the possibility of a one hour radio call in program to take a Biblical look at issues affecting people’s hearts, decisions, and ripples into society and policy

As you see, 2014 is our most momentous year to date and we are very excited with the expanded opportunities to carry out the vision God instilled in me as a teenager. I am so thankful for God’s grace and patience with me along the way and His provision of a new partner. What LN needed, IRM had, what IRM needed, LN had. Thankfully God knew and opened the doors to being knit together so well.

I thank you for your faithful support over the years. I know these events sound a bit complicated and maybe out of the blue, but trust me, God was involved in all this and in a powerful way. You understandably might have questions; please feel free to call me as I would love to fill you in on how grew my faith through this past 18 months.

We humbly ask for your continued financial support and prayer as we continue to reach out helping more families with our unique blending of services and message about God’s healing and transformative power for the human heart, from the everyday person doing well to the down and out addict or suicidal person with no hope. We are excited about this next season of ministry life for Lighthouse Network, and hope you are as well.

Merry CHRISTmas and a blessed 2015,
by HIS grace,
Karl Benzio, MD
Founder and Clinical Director, Lighthouse Network

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