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Move Afoot to Categorize Prejudice As Pathological

This article originally was created by Focus on the Family.  (January 2, 2006)

Move Afoot to Categorize Prejudice As Pathological
by Bill Wilson

Some leading psychologists want to create a new clinical diagnosis for those who are perceived to be highly homophobic.

If instituted, the new category could land you in jail, or make you receive psychological treatment, for your thoughts. Psychiatrist Robert Rogan with the Christian Medical Association.

“One threat would be that it would be used in the legal system to either prosecute people based on their thoughts or to exculpate people because of their thoughts.”

Dr. Karl Benzio, of Lighthouse Network, says if hate crime laws were more aggressive, mental health workers could be required to report people with dangerous thoughts.

“They might be on a registry so that in case something did occur that there would be some way to hold him accountable or incarcerate him.”

Grove City Psychology Professor Warren Throckmorton says these kinds of bias-related proposals do not bode well for Christians.

“One of the objectives, I think, behind the term “homophobia” was to make pathological a belief that homosexuality isn’t in God’s teaching about sexuality.”

Proposed guidelines by California psychologist Edward Dunbar have not been endorsed by the American Psychiatric Association, which publishes the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Advocates are seeking to formally conduct a study. Any decision on “pathological prejudice” is a long way off, but the expansion of hate crime legislation is ongoing.

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