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Is Change Possible? – PSA

FOR: Lighthouse Network

LENGTH: 60 secs

Title: Is Change Possible?

Welcome to Life Change with Christian Psychiatrist Dr. Karl Benzio.

A frequent frustration I hear is, “I can’t change because this is the way God wired me. Is there any hope?” Many people try to change but without success, so they start believing Satan’s lie that change is impossible. But the Bible consistently teaches that not only change, but complete transformation, is very possible. Amazingly, science now reveals that changes in brain circuitry happen when we make decisions according to the Bible’s instructions. When the Bible talks about renewing our minds, it’s not just a feel good spiritual renewing but also a psychological maturing and an actual chemical rewiring of our brains. Godly decision-making is the exercise that strengthens our minds and transforms our lives.

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