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What Do Therapists Do? – PSA

FOR: Lighthouse Network

LENGTH:  60 secs

Title: What Do Therapists Do?

Welcome to Life Change with Christian Psychiatrist Dr. Karl Benzio.

I often get the question, “What does a therapist do?
A therapist is a professional with special education, training, and experience in diagnosing and treating psychological, or Behavioral Health, issues. The Bible teaches the spirit, mind, and brain are tightly woven together, and science is showing us how Godly decision-making skills will actually rewire your brain and its intricate connections. A therapist uses knowledge about how the mind works and how we make decisions to help patients understand themselves and their lives better, identify unhealthy patterns, and make healthier decisions when managing life’s stressors. Although psychiatric medications are helpful, a good therapist who incorporates sound Biblical teachings has an even more powerful long-term impact in helping patients improve brain chemistry and renew their minds.

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