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What Is an Intervention? – PSA

FOR: Lighthouse Network

LENGTH: 60 secs

Title: What Is an Intervention?

Welcome to Life Change with Christian Psychiatrist Dr. Karl Benzio.

One question our helpline gets is, ‘My son has an addiction but is refusing treatment. What is an intervention?”
An intervention is a procedure allowing a small group of 3-6 selected family members or friends to compassionately, lovingly, and clearly present reality to an addict in hopes of influencing his life’s course. Following preparation, each person shares personal views about the addict’s life before the addiction and the relational and life-threatening damage since the addiction. If the addict chooses treatment, he goes immediately. If he refuses, the loved ones share specific changes they will make to stop protecting his addiction, allowing him to reap the consequences of his behavior while providing loved ones with some distance and healing.

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