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Parent of Addicts Coaching

Raw and numbing. The feelings you have as the parent of an addict can be panic, exhaustion, and a deep sense of loneliness. And the questions seem endless: How did my child get here? What do I do now? Who can I trust to give me help?

“Don’t forget to put on your oxygen mask first”

It’s yellow.  And it’s stored in a compartment above your head on an airplane.   The oxygen mask.

A flight attendant’s safety speech includes, “In the event of a loss of cabin pressure; an oxygen mask will drop from above.  If you are traveling with a child, place your mask on first.”

Isn’t this backward?  Help yourself first?  Then the child?  Shouldn’t our child’s safety be our first priority?

As a parent, it seems against our natural instincts to put our own mask on first.  In reality, it’s better to take care of ourselves first, so we can better help our son or daughter.

It doesn’t feel like real love when we put our needs before our son’s or daughter’s needs.  But it is for now, as well as in the long term.

Lighthouse Network (LN) Parent Coaching

Lighthouse Network (LN) Parent Coaching is a source of immediate help that goes beyond insight to offer clarity in the midst of chaos.

Parent Coaching provides loved ones with tools they need to navigate the twists and turns of parenting someone who is involved with drugs.  We help parents to:

  • Not give in to manipulation
  • Not rescue their son or daughter from problems
  • Set safe, realistic, and manageable boundaries
  • Stop blaming themselves or their spouse for their son’s or daughter’s chemical use
  • Not be verbally abused by their son or daughter
  • Take consistent action for what they can control
  • Let go of what they can’t control
  • Create a plan for the transition to a son’s or daughter’s return from substance abuse treatment
  • Recognize the warning signs of drug abuse
  • Defuse conflict
  • Consider treatment options for their son or daughter
  • Know important facts about drug testing
  • Know what to do when a son or daughter refuses to get help for their drug use
  • Know when an intervention is needed


Like an “oxygen mask”, LN coaching can help you catch your breath and regain perspective to be prepared for and respond effectively to a crisis.

Email Dave (Coaching@LighthouseNetwork.org) for an introductory coaching session.

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We invite you to fill out the LN Parent Coaching Introductory Questionnaire.  This form will be sent via our website directly to Dave Tarpley who will contact you about setting up an free preliminary coaching session.

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