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Parenting Addicts Coaching Services

Lighthouse Network has a passion for helping families navigate the challenges of addiction.  The impact of some struggling with an addiction reaches cuts deeply into family  and friends.  Lighthouse Network as the leader in the arena of addiction treatment services, has been blessed to be able to help thousands of people find the treatment they desperately need to overcome their addiction.   But often their family and friends live with the pain and scares of having an addict as a loved one.  These family members and friends are facing real pain and difficulty finding help can be confusing and overwhelming.

Lighthouse Network has developed LN Parenting Addicts Coaching Services to help the family of loved ones to navigate this time and find the help they need.   LN Parenting Addicts Coaching Services is being led by David Tarpley, Director of LN Coaching Services.   We have developed an easy 4 Step method to help you in this process.

Step 1:   Starting.  Without any commitment on your part, Step 1 is just about emailing or calling Dave, the Lighthouse Network parent coach.   You can start by asking him any questions you have.

Step 2:  10 minutes.  That’s about how long it takes to complete the online coaching questionnaire.  When you submit it to Dave, the Lighthouse parent coach, he’ll read it to see where you’re at on the journey.  Then you’re ready for Step 3.

Step 3:   After reading the questionnaire you’ve submitted Dave, he will contact you to schedule a free 30 minute coaching session.  The session is designed to hear more about your story and tell you about how parent coaching works.

Step 4:   If you decide parent coaching can provide the kind of help you’re looking for, then you and Dave will create a plan of action to meet your family’s needs.  You’ll prioritize actions and decisions, gain new tools for navigating your journey, and plan how to use the tools in practical ways.

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