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Do Addictions Happen Overnight? – PSA

FOR: Lighthouse Network

LENGTH: 60 secs

Title: Do Addictions Happen Overnight?

Welcome to Life Change with Christian Psychiatrist Dr. Karl Benzio.

I got an email asking, “Does a person become addicted overnight, or is it a progressive process?” We’re all designed to worship God, and the first commandment is, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” As stress builds in our life, we periodically turn to something to soothe us and help us cope. When used enough, this “something” can become our main object of worship, or addiction. I define addiction as: Pursuing something other than God (or Him and the healthy solution He provides) in a habitual, patterned, or repetitive way to get particular needs met. An addiction is a subtle, but progressive reliance on a coping skill without God in the solution. So guard your heart!

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