Life Growth Videos

The decisions you make, more than anything else, determine the course and quality of your life. My goal, as a Christian Psychiatrist, is to help you become a Godlier decision-maker to achieve your God given potential. In the videos below, I’ll share with you some simple, but deeply impactful and easy to apply, life-changing truths that will help you navigate life more successfully.

I can’t emphasize the following point enough. Understanding the psychological science of how God designed our mind to work will significantly help you understand and apply all the amazing and powerful principles, instruction, promises, and encouragement in the B.I.B.L.E – Best Instruction Book for Living Everyday!

These video topics include: parenting, understanding our emotions, the ingredients for a real life transformation, overcoming struggles, and many more.  Use the arrows to the right and left of the larger video screen to scroll through the various video options shown above the larger screen. We are adding training videos so please check back regularly.

Along with Lighthouse Network’s teaching videos we also have video testimonies of amazing life transformations.   These real life videos of “Changed Lives” told by the individuals themselves, show how people struggling can overcome challenges and find lasting freedom with the help of Lighthouse Network’s Addiction and Counseling Helpline and Resources. (To view “Changed Lives” videos please clicking here!)

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