Life Growth Materials


Each day of our life is filled with many forks in the road and we have to choose one path or the other. Each fork has options taking us up or down, bringing us high and low, and being right or wrong. Adding some degree of difficulty, the Merry-Go-Round of life spins faster and faster, providing twists and turns and causing us to quickly have to decide. The decisions you make at each fork, more than anything else, determine the course and quality of your life.

Many of the patients I treat wish they could hit a rewind button, go back in time, and get another chance to handle a situation better and avoid the consequences of choosing the wrong option. The problem with the rewind button is, if you aren’t equipped any differently, you are going to make the same decision, the same mistake you made the first time you came to that fork in the road.

When Peter was at the Last Supper, Jesus told Peter he would deny Christ three times before the cock crowed. Peter got a chance to practice and audition his decision and said he would never deny Christ, but instead he would actually lay down his life for Jesus. Well, we know a few short hours later, Peter totally choked and denied Jesus not once – hit rewind- not twice – hit rewind again – but three times.

Don’t laugh, we all choke like this and choose the wrong option at many forks in our day, let alone life. So it’s not just knowing the right option, but it’s being able to choose it even though something might interfere with our vision and make the wrong option look right in that instant, just like the temporary brainwashing Peter experienced.

I can’t emphasize the following point enough. Understanding the psychological science of how God designed our mind to work will significantly help you understand and apply all the amazing and powerful principles, instruction, promises, and encouragement in the B.I.B.L.E – Best Instruction Book for Living Everyday! Psychological science, understanding, and skills are what help us operationalize, or implement, the Mind of Christ that is in every Christian through the Holy Spirit.

My goal, as a Christian Psychiatrist, is to help you become a more Godly decision-maker because that gives you the best chance of achieving your God-given potential. The Life Growth Materials we develop are simple, but deeply impactful and easy to apply, life-changing truths that will help you navigate life more successfully.

Our vision is to help you become a powerful Lighthouse, standing on a rock solid foundation, withstanding your own life’s storms, providing sanctuary and guidance to others during their storms, and shining God’s glory to impact your world.

We try to use all mediums, from daily online devotional, online articles, working with other ministries to develop resources, radio programs, curriculum, treatment programs, workshops and presentations, among other things. Below are links to some of our major resources to help you renew your mind and transform your life.

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