Resources To Help You Achieve Your God-given Potential

Addictions don’t start overnight or come out of the blue. The more you understand about spirit, mind, and body, the better able you will be to overcome and be free of addiction’s control. Our resources are designed to show you what’s going on inside you and how to allow God’s healing to enter in.

Mental Health
We all have mental health aka, psychological struggles. Our resources help you slow the mind down, understand how God designed your mind to work, how it got short-circuited, and what you can do to let the Mind of Christ shine through you and transform your everyday decision-making.

Life growth materials
Lighthouse Network offers you a variety of life growth materials. This is the core of our offerings – inspiring changed lives and promoting Christian value.

Life Growth Videos
Sometimes watching and listening gets some points across more easily.

Lighthouse Network’s List
Sometimes lists allow us to remember tips easier, so we offer his lists of helpful tips to be a Godlier decision-maker.

Social Policy
Social issues bubble out of the decisions individuals make. we have a passion for bringing Biblical and sound scientific insights so policies honor God, protect life, and are healthy for our families and especially our children’s minds and spirits.

Assessment and Screening Tools
Sometimes we want to know if something is wrong with us. We have suspicions, but we aren’t doctors. Having a tool to start the process helps us move forward on the path to healing.

Addiction Warning Signs

Every addiction has warning signs. Some might be subtle, while others are loud and clear. It is important to understand addiction warning signs and to take action when you notice them in your own life or the life of a loved one. Click on the links to learn about the warning signs of addiction and alcoholism, or to take any of the self-assessment quizzes.

Identify the Warning Signs of Addiction:

5 Levels of Substance Abuse

Take an Alcohol / Drug Addiction Self-Assessment Test

Take the Quiz – Are You a User or an Addict?

Behavioral Warning Signs of Alcohol or Substance Abuse

Identify the Warning Signs of Alcohol:

What are the Symptoms and Treatment for Alcohol Abuse and Addiction?

Identify the Warning Signs of Prescription Medications:

Symptoms and Treatment for Prescription Drug Abuse

Four Natural Painkillers You Haven’t Heard of

Identify the Warning Signs of Drug Abuse:

What are the Symptoms and Treatment for Cocaine Abuse?

What are the Symptoms and Treatment for Ecstasy?

What are the Symptoms and Treatment for Heroin Abuse?

What are the Symptoms and Treatment for Marijuana Abuse?

Does Marijuana Cause Permanent Brain Damage?

What are the Symptoms and Treatment for Methamphetamine Abuse?

What are the Symptoms and Treatment for Smoking and Nicotine Addiction?

Identify the Warning Signs of Sexual Addiction:

What are the Symptoms and Treatment for Sexual Addiction?

Drug Treatment Options

At Lighthouse Network, we use a faith-based approach to treatment and recovery. We believe that, as God’s children, we have a responsibility to live lives that honor and glorify him. We also know that God can help us through any struggle we face, including the challenge of rehab and recovery from an addiction. The links below will provide you with additional information about addiction treatment options, and the philosophy for the Christian drug rehab we support.

Lighthouse Network Program

F.A.Q’s for Lighthouse Christian Program

An Overview of Drug Abuse Treatment Options and Methods

If you need any more information or access to other free addiction resources, call us at 844-LifeChange (543-3242) today. Our Lighthouse Network Care Guides are standing by, ready to help.

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