Life Change Tips From Lighthouse

Lighthouse Network is excited to have the privilege to share with you our life impacting radio short features to help you understand addictions and be better equipped to deal with a loved who struggles with an addiction or other life-interfering issue. The Life Change with Lighthouse radio minute airs each day on more than 425 radio stations nationwide.

At Lighthouse Network our passion is helping people that are struggling with mental health or addiction challenges find the help they need so they can live life abundantly just as God has created them to live. If you or a loved one is struggling with these types of challenges, please pick up the phone and call Lighthouse Network’s Addiction and Counseling Helpline (844)Life-Change. LN Care Guides are waiting to talk with you and help you find the best possible help for your situation. Help is only a phone call away.

“It’s a privilege to provide Dr. Andrea Chamberlain ’s daily Life Change insight to our listeners. It’s an encouragement to hear solid Biblical truth applied to areas of mental health and addiction, and we truly believe that people are receiving hope and help through the Life Change feature.”
Jim Stanley, Operations Manager, American Family Radio

Below are “Life Change with Lighthouse” radio minutes, please click on the links below to listen to the MP3 files. (Listed by the Month)

Click on the below link to read the transcripts from Life Change with Lighthouse

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