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Core Values and Principles

  • Worship — putting God first in all we think, feel, and do
  • Praise — acknowledging God’s glory, love, grace and sacrifice for us
  • Submission — surrendering to God, His Word, His promises and principles even when we don’t understand
  • Obedience — living lives in compliance with God’s vision; individual and global
  • Humility — being humble before God and each other
  • Love — sacrificially loving others so we and they may be conformed to Christ’s likeness
  • Forgiveness — extending our freedom from the penalty of sin to others, not clinging to unhealthy anger or needing to extract punishment
  • Stewardship — caring for what God entrusted to us, both material goods and what is immaterial and eternal, especially our mind and free will
  • Faith — holding strong to His principles and truths even when we doubt or feel uncertain
  • Trust — knowing and believing God is faithful to fulfill His promises
  • Communication — communicating in ways that are open, honest, truthful, and God-honoring (includes both our motivations and presentations)
  • Collaboration — humbly understanding our limits and being willing to use all God’s gifts (via various people) to advance His kingdom; also includes maintaining focus on God’s glory, not ours.
  • Honesty — valuing the truth in all we do
  • God’s Sovereignty — Knowing and believing God reigns over and is in charge of all events and circumstances
  • Confidentiality — respecting the privacy and sensitivity of issues shared and being responsible stewards of that information
  • Growth — recognizing God’s mandate for growth in all areas of our lives and relying on our relationships with our loving heavenly Father to empower and equip us for change
  • Skill acquisition and development — manifesting growing skills and methodology through our growth process and training
  • Integrity — being accountable to God always, in all arenas, and living each moment likewise
  • Courage — doing what’s right even though discomfort or adversity is likely



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