Assessment Tools

When I first became a doctor, I was amazed at how many friends and family, and sometimes strangers at a social gathering, would share a little information and want me to diagnose diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, or rare illnesses. Sometimes they would even lift up their shirt or pull down their pants to show me some physical signs. When I went further to become a psychiatrist, people weren’t so brave to ask me directly, but would ask for a friend.

Getting a specific diagnosis requires the expertise of a trained professional to know what pertinent history and data to gather, how to gather it, what lab tests to order, and make sure some other similar illness isn’t the culprit. A lot of the data you don’t even know is important, so it takes time for the doctor or therapist to get to know you, you to trust them, them to ask the right probing questions, and you to answer them as fully and accurately as possible.

To help guide and streamline the diagnostic process, the medical and psychological community have developed Assessment or Screening Tools to be able to see with a high level of probability whether you do or don’t have a specific condition. A screening tool isn’t 100% accurate. All it determines is if you have a high likelihood of having the particular issue. If the screener says you probably don’t have that condition, but you or others believe you might, then still go to your doctor and get a more personal and thorough evaluation.

If you use any of the Assessment tools and screen positive, don’t panic. You’ve probably suspected you had a struggle in that area for a while. Call our Helpline at 844-Life-Change (844-543-3242) and we will help you sort out what the best next steps are regarding confirming the diagnosis and treatment options. We are here to be your Good Samaritan and help give you acute encouragement and support, then get you to your next Inn for God’s healing to take place.

Below are some Assessment/Screening Tools we have found to be helpful and accurate over the years.

3 Question Alcoholism Screen
Are You a Substance User or Addict
Am I An Alcoholic – CAGE Assessment
Depression Screening (PHQ-9)
Bipolar Disorder Screen (Mood Disorder Questionnaire – MDQ)
Suicide Risk Screening – Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale
Caffeine Addiction Quiz
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Screen – PC-PTSD
Behavioral Health Screen
Clinical Online Assessment

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