Take the Quiz – Are You a User or an Addict?

The following 10 questions represent an indication that alcohol, drug, or prescription medication use could be turning into an addiction:

1. Do you get drunk or high regularly?

2. Do you think about or plan your substance use in advance?

3. Do you get drunk or high alone?

4. Is your use making you sick or causing on-going physical symptoms?

5. Do you lie about how much you use or how often you are using?

6. Have you stopped doing things you used to enjoy so that you can get drunk or high?

7. Have your eating habits, sleep patterns, or mental abilities changed?

8. When you’re not high, do you feel depressed, hopeless, run-down, or unmotivated?

9. Do you have blackouts or memory gaps?

10. Do you have to use more of the same substance to recapture your earlier highs?

The more questions that you answer “yes,” the more likely you could be or addicted or are already addicted. You don’t have to let alcohol or drugs control your life any longer. We can help you be free of addiction. If you’re unsure or love someone who is addicted, don’t delay the chance to get help. Call us today at (844) 543-3242.


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