Mental Health 101

Mental Health Is Simpler Than We Think

Mental Health issues are so complex, but everywhere we look, someone offers quick fix solutions or answers for the psychological problems that have plagued mankind since our first sin. The Bible says God wonderfully and intricately designed us – so I have good news and bad news. The good news is God gave us a powerful mind. The bad news, God gave us a powerful mind.

Thankfully, our powerful mind allows us to experience a wide variety of emotions, relationships, dreams, activities, and deep awareness of our self and the world around us which drive value, purpose, and passion.  But sometimes our mind is so powerful, it seems to work faster than we can keep up with and we feel like we are no longer in control of it. We are thinking thoughts, feeling emotions, and doing certain things that are uncomfortable, harmful, or just don’t make sense and wondering ‘what the heck just happened?’

As a Christian psychiatrist since 1989 and a former alcoholic, I realized none of us understand how God designed our mind to work and we often see it as mysterious black box. Psychological ‘stuff’ seems weird, ominous, scary, and intimidating like the boisterous Wizard of Oz, until Toto pulled back the curtain to reveal a simple harmless but resourceful man. (click here to see the classic clip)

Lighthouse Network Goal

My goal and the purpose of these resources is to pull back the curtain of your mind, pop the hood so you can see the engine that drives all your thoughts, feelings, decisions and actions. Our mind isn’t as complicated as we’ve been brainwashed into thinking as science has really shown us a lot about how God designed our mind. God provides us with psychological science to use as a tool allowing us to squeeze the big Biblical principles and truths into small enough bites for us to take in, use, and not be overwhelmed by them. Or allowing us to squeeze the life giving living water, every last drop, out of the rich Biblical instruction manual. Once you understand the mechanics of decision-making and all these other psychological puzzle pieces of life, you can start to fit them together to really form the image on the box – Christ-likeness or the Mind of Christ.

Below, I’ve combined what I’ve learned in my professional and personal life to develop resources blending cutting edge psychological science with Biblical truths, but in understandable terms for you to receive practical wisdom and get immediate impact. We desire your psycho-spiritual healing and transformation and have seen people’s lives changed as they are equipped with more psychological principles and skills. These skills help them more deeply believe in and practically apply the incredible instructions, promises, and encouragement in the Bible.

We will provide resources about various mental health issues using science to explain God’s design and healing to renew your mind! Our team at Lighthouse Network and our prayer partners hope you, and those you love or care for, are blessed by these resources.

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