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Written Testimonials

“While at work in 2008, I injured my back. I tried to work through the pain, but it became too severe. My doctor prescribed Oxycontin to help with the pain, yet it didn’t seem to help. Next came back surgery, but it left me bedridden, unable to walk, and unable to care for my children while my wife worked during the day. Unable to work due to the pain, my employer terminated me. I was left with no means to provide for my family, and I began to slip deeper into depression, dependency on drugs, and started having thoughts of suicide.

In the midst of this desperation, a pastor at my church connected me with Lighthouse Network. Their Care Guides listened to my story and helped me assess treatment options to free my mind of drugs and depression. I had no insurance to cover my type of complex addiction and mental health issues. But, through their relationships, Lighthouse was able to help me get a scholarship to attend a residential Christian rehab treatment facility.

During nine weeks of treatment, I was slowly guided off my addiction to painkillers. In addition, I discovered the love of God in a deep way that changed my life. On my graduation day from treatment, I was able to physically walk out under my own power – free from the grasp of addiction and depression!

Scott G.

“Lighthouse Network brought our family so much peace by helping our son get the right kind of treatment for alcohol and drug abuse that was also affordable. Where can a parent turn to trust the care of their precious child in such a life-threatening circumstance? We can’t thank the Lighthouse Network team enough for the blessing they were to our family and our son. They were so flexible and accommodating with our son and his recovery process. We are so grateful for all they did to help him live life free from addictions. Thank you, Lighthouse, from the bottom of our hearts.”

Britton family

“Lighthouse Network provides highly professional educational services as well as a very effective referral network service in assisting individuals to access appropriate mental health and substance abuse services. We frequently refer many of our constituents to them for assistance and are very pleased with their responsiveness.”

Phil Swihart, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist and Director of Counseling Services

“Lighthouse Network helps make the impossible possible. As a pastor, I’ve suddenly found myself dealing with serious issues within my congregation. For example, a young woman in our church admitted she was anorexic and needed help. I immediately called Lighthouse, and they worked with this girl and her family to find suitable treatment options in less than 24 hours.

In addition, Lighthouse helped me assist a high school boy in our church who struggled with a drug problem as well as a mother of three children who was severely depressed and became suicidal. By calling the free Lighthouse helpline, a Care Guide asked me the appropriate questions, volunteered to contact these families, and found them the best possible treatment options available. They even matched the treatment to their insurance plans. As a result, everyone was saved days of searching for answers.

Lighthouse Network has become an integral part of our church ministry. God has used them in significant ways, and we look forward to our continued partnership in the future.”

Pastor Ralph Reamer
Fellowship Baptist Church
Mt. Laurel, NJ

“As a 50-year-old physician, I experienced major depression a few years ago. This depression interfered with my relationships with patients, colleagues, family, and God.  Through the use of medication and skillful counseling, Lighthouse Network was able to help me back to being fully integrated with the relationships in my life.”


I LOVED the Lighthouse program!! Jessica the therapist was awesome.  I’m doing so good now that I’m off drugs. Thanks again for making it possible!!

Tiffany P – May 2016

My son is doing pretty well.  He still gets in his depression days, but he seems to like it there and he’s in with a great group of guys and he seems determined.

Mrs. G – March 2016

You helped my son Ben get into a rehab and I felt blessed and very thankful that God sent you to him.  Thank you!

Mom of Ben H. in rehab March 2015

Tammy is a meth addict and lives with others (her daughters) that are addicted as well.  I spoke with her a few times and she was desperate to go to rehab but had no help getting to the airport and no money either.  I always encouraged her and prayed for her, telling her that I would help her any way we could but would but would continue to pray for her.

Well I made a follow up call to her today and she sounded like a totally different person.  She said she knew that we were still praying for her because after she spoke to me and I prayed for her that each time she tried to do drugs that she would get really sick.  She said she even thought of calling me to tell me to stop praying so she could get high again, however she fought through it and has been clean for a few weeks now.  She said she appreciates David for being so kind, sweet and caring and getting me in touch with her to pray and continue to encourage and believe in her.  She hopes that she can stay clean and maybe even help us or a company like us to encourage others.


Happy  Turkey Day!  Dr. H
6 months  sober  today! Thanks for never giving  up on me!
Tim – Ohio

I recently heard Dr. Benzio on the KDOV radio station and was very pleased to hear from you again. I caught information about the Lighthouse Network probably about a year ago and have enjoyed receiving the devotions ever since. I appreciate your insights and perspectives. Thank You!

Thanks again!

Blessings and Best Regards,

“Seekers of truth and light”

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