Medicare Facts about Addiction and Mental Health Treatment

Lighthouse Network can help you with questions about Medicaid or Medicare coverage for drug rehab. Our Care Guides can help guide you through the process of finding a treatment program which accepts your insurance, as well as help you understand your benefits.

It can be difficult to find the right rehab program for drug or alcohol treatment, especially when you need to find one in the Medicare or Medicaid system. Our team at Lighthouse Network understands Medicare and Medicaid coverage, and we can help you through the process of selecting the right facility for you or your loved one. Call us to find out how we can help 844-LifeChange (543-3242)

Medicaid does not cover all services associated with addiction treatment, so it is necessary to understand coverage before your treatment begins. If you are looking for Medicaid Covered Drug Rehab, we can help. Lighthouse Network can put you in contact with many Medicaid funded drug rehab programs, particularly in the states of Georgia, Texas and Florida.

Medicaid was designed to help low income individuals and families get the health care services they need. The program varies by state and income, so one person’s coverage might not be the same as the next person’s. In general, Medicaid now usually covers drug rehab and addiction treatment, screening, health visits, and family counseling. It will also pay for some of the costs associated with medical detox, inpatient treatment, and aftercare, but these benefits vary. In order to fully understand what Medicaid will and will not cover, contact a Lighthouse Network Care Guide today and let our experienced advisors help.

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Medicare Covered Drug Rehab is available to all adults over the age of 65, and to many individuals that suffer from ongoing mental health disorders and disabilities. Coverage differs from individual to individual, based on the person’s needs and Medicare plan.

Medicare benefits can be confusing, and it can be difficult to find treatment centers that actually accept Medicare payment for drug rehab. Sometimes Medicare pays for only a portion of a person’s bill, or will cover treatment for a certain number of days. Because Medicare can only be used at certain types of facilities, many drug rehab programs do not qualify to accept this type of payment. Lighthouse Network can work with you to find the facility that will accept your Medicare payment, and will provide you with the services you require.

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Finding a treatment center near you which offers the programs you want can be challenging. For those looking for Medicaid Drug Rehabs in Georgia, Lighthouse Network can help. The treatment centers we work with comply with the stringent clinical requirements Medicaid demands. We assess all clients to ensure they are entering the right clinical situation, and because we take on the task of communicating with the facility for our clients, we make the process much easier and less stressful for you. We are also skilled at helping clients understand the details of their health coverage, and we help them make the best decisions for rehab based on their unique treatment needs.

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Depending on your location and situation, you might require addiction rehab services close to home. The good news is there are many outstanding drug rehab centers in Florida, and many of these do accept Medicaid or Medicare. Our Care Guides at Lighthouse Network can help you connect with the program that is right for you or your loved one, so you can put your addiction behind you for good.

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Christian based drug rehab is powerful and effective. It can provide a person in recovery with support and strength, as the person learns to rely on God and Christ for help putting their past behind them and looking ahead to healthy living. For those struggling with a disability or who have limited finances, Christian Rehab covered by Medicaid or Medicare might be a good option. Because Medicaid and Medicare benefits can be difficult to sort through, Lighthouse Network offers clients free consultations to help them find the program they are looking for which will accept Medicaid or Medicare.

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There are many options to choose from when looking for drug rehab in Florida. For those that want to experience the benefits of Christian drug rehab in Florida, Lighthouse Network can help. Our Care Guides listen and assess clients’ personal recovery needs and goals, and then we customize a treatment plan to fit your needs. We work with Florida treatment centers with the best treatment options, including programs with a Christ centered focus.

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Medicare coverage is not the same for everyone. Depending on a person’s benefits, it might help pay for hospitalized substance abuse treatment, but the facility must meet certain requirements. In order to fully understand your options when it comes to Medicare Part A coverage, contact a Lighthouse Network Care Coordinator. We specialize in Medicare and Medicaid treatment solutions.

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For those looking for drug or alcohol addiction treatment covered by Medicare Part B, Lighthouse Network has information and options. Medicare Part B can help pay for some types of treatment programs, if they are offered at a facility that meets certain requirements. Only a portion of services are generally covered under Medicare, however, and before you begin treatment, it is important to find out your coverage options. Lighthouse Network’s Care Guides can answer any questions you have and help you find the Medicare covered treatment program.

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Lighthouse Network is the Leader in Connecting Individuals With Medicare or Medicaid Addiction Treatment

As the recognized leader for Medicare addiction and mental health treatment solutions, Lighthouse Network will help you find the Medicare program that best fits your needs for mental health disorders.  Lighthouse Network specializes in these areas:

  • Christian treatment programs
  • Nationally recognized addiction programs
  • State by state mental health options
  • Inpatient and Outpatient network of treatment providers

Medicare will help pay for Treatment of alcoholism and drug abuse in both inpatient and outpatient settings if:

  • You receive services from a Medicare-participating provider or facility;
  • Assessment States that the services are medically necessary;
  • Lighthouse Network will come along side of you and help set-up a personalized plan for your treatment!

Medicare Inpatient Care:

Medicare Part A will help pay for your care if you are hospitalized for substance abuse treatment, and treatment is provided at a level of Care mandating a behavioral hospital.

Note:  Medicare only covers a total of 190 days spent in a psychiatric hospital for an entire lifetime. If someone reaches that limit, Medicare may cover further inpatient mental health care in a general hospital but not a psychiatric hospital. This rule only applies to freestanding psychiatric facilities that are not considered a part of general hospitals.

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