About Us

Getting To Know Lighthouse Network Better

LN History
God planted the seed long ago for why and what Lighthouse Network would be today. Learn the interesting path God had for that seed as it grew into an international ministry impacting thousands of lives on a daily basis.

Mission and Vision
Let us share why Lighthouse Network exists and the unique engine guiding the services we provide.

Our Board and Staff
Meet the people who guide Lighthouse Network and provide our services.

Contact Us
Get in touch with Lighthouse Network

Doctrinal Statement
We are a Christian ministry, non-denominational and Christ-centered. These are the foundational absolutes of our faith and each Board or management team member must sign and verbalize agreement with them.

About Dr. Andrea Chamberlain
Get to know a little more about our Founder and Clinical Director

Core Spiritual Beliefs on BH Issues
Our unique gift is using science to communicate and operationalize Biblical and divine principles. Practical NeuroTheology. This is an example of how we integrate science and the Bible for practical wisdom and everyday impact.

Core Principles and Values
Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. Then love your neighbor as yourself. These values and principles help us pursue these commandments to the best of our ability through the Holy Spirit’s empowerment.

Lighthouse Press and Media
The Merry-Go-Round of life spins faster each day as we are bombarded by daily miracles, tragedies, scientific discoveries, adversities, intriguing or peculiar situations, and controversial social policy decisions and laws. Events affecting individuals, families, whole regions, countries, and even our world.

We are now blessed to be part the transformation process of tens of thousands of people each day and see that impact ripple into their loved ones’ lives as well. Take in some of the comments of the good works God has prepared and equipped us to do.

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