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Karl Benzio, MD
Dr. Benzio uniquely uses his biomedical engineering mindset to practically and concretely explain and integrate difficult concepts about our mind and the Bible so people can better understand themselves and live a more fulfilled life. He has an uncommon ability to break abstract and complex life situations down into smaller pieces, slowing it down to equip both lay person or professional.

Public Speaking Availability
Karl Benzio, MD, is available to present workshops, seminars, training sessions, topical presentations, keynote addresses, Q/A sessions, lectures, and presentations in a variety of formats.

Some past venues include:

  • Christian Conferences
  • Secular Conferences
  • Sunday morning or Wednesday evening church services
  • Adult Sunday School Classes
  • Men’s Breakfast
  • Weekend Retreats
  • Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPs) and Mothers of Teens (MOTs)
  • Government Agencies
  • Pastors Conferences
  • Lectures in undergrad and graduate courses
  • Chapels in the workplace
  • Management Teams
  • Workplace Trainings/Inservices/Team Building
  • Treatment Program Clinical Staff
  • Radio/TV/Internet Audiences
  • Panel member on structured or unstructured Q/A sessions with teens, youth groups, radio audience, church groups,
  • Clinicians, healthcare teams, government agencies

Topics include:

  • Psychological Issues
  • Addictions
  • Relationships – Parenting, Marriage, Conflict Resolution
  • Social Issues/Policy
  • Decision-Making Science and Mechanics
  • Behavioral Healthcare Delivery
  • Practical Theology – the psychological unpacking of Biblical teachings
  • Spirit, Mind, Body Integration
  • Treatment Modalities ranging from medications to prayer

Popular Presentations

  • Addiction: Sin, Disease or Psychological Defect
  • Psych Meds: Cure or Psychoheresy
  • Decision-Making: The Key to Abundant Life
  • SARCASM: What Every Teen Needs
  • Turning Conflict into Opportunity with One Tool
  • The 7 Ingredients for Total Transformation
  • No Pain, No Gain: But Why Me?
  • Our Response to Grace
  • 10 Reasons Why Decision-Making Is All You Need
  • Emotions: Controlling Them For Joyful Living
  • What’s the Difference Between Depression and Sadness
  • Building the Bridge for Communication Success
  • Forgiveness: The Gift to Yourself
  • Physician Assisted Suicide: People Are Not Pets
  • Abortion: Dangerous to Baby, Mothers, Healthcare, and Society
  • Jesus Is The Perfect Psychiatrist

Fees and Availability
Fees for Dr. Benzio include travel expenses and depend on the organization’s budget, amount of prep time, and length of presentation. Dr. Benzio has presented for no charge, a plate of brownies, and an honorarium commensurate with his expertise. Finances are not an issue if his expertise can equip and help the healing process for individuals or in “training the trainer” so to speak.

Availability is usually the bigger issue depending on the travel requirements, as he has a busy schedule.

But Dr. Benzio makes every effort to make your engagement happen as he loves sharing his insights and seeing people get what Jesus role modeled and taught.

Why Dr. Karl Speaks

“Helping people realize they have the mind of Christ in them and teaching them how, instead of getting in the way and blocking it, they can access it and reap the benefits is an exhilarating blessing to me from God.”

“So many Christians are afraid of science, but being able to slow down the mind for them, show them some basic psychological principles, and see that science really makes it easier to apply the Bible’s instruction and believe in the promises is my passion and God-given mission.”

“Letting God use my past failures blended with His amazing blessing of my education and professional practice is mind-blowing, humbling, and life-giving.”

Karl’s Contact Information
Cell: 844-543-3242
Email: help@LighthouseNetwork.org


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