Case Management



Finding the Right Addiction and Mental Health Treatment is Hard

As a psychiatrist, I talk to and see so many hurting people. It usually takes a while for them to get over the shame, guilt, stigma, or embarrassment hurdles to find an outpatient referral from a doctor, pastor, or friend. Sadly, most don’t know who to turn to when they need more intensive help, especially residential or inpatient treatment. Usually, out of frustration, they end up calling the number on their insurance card and are directed to the cheapest option that is closest to them. The insurance company has minimal concern for the psychological or spiritual expertise of the facility so 99% of the time, the wrong option is given when something much better for YOU is available.

Taking the courageous step to go to addiction or mental health treatment should be the hardest step, not the easiest step. The healthcare system is so complicated, especially the Behavioral Health (Addiction and Mental Health) system. It has its own special vocabulary, secret ways to access services, fine print, and is very time intensive as the insurance puts you through so many hoops hoping you do not persevere to access expensive services for them to pay for.

Let Lighthouse be Your Good Samaritan

Coupled with our Helpline service is our seamless transition to Case Management services.

When a person is struggling with an Addiction or Mental Health issue, not only is finding the best option difficult, but even harder is navigating the complicated healthcare system to get to treatment. A main reason for me starting Lighthouse Network was to be a Good Samaritan, seeing a hurting person in our path, and instead of going to the other side of the road, give them some acute support and encouragement, then get them to an Inn of Healing.

Our Care Guides do just that; they guide you through the healthcare system. We take your clinical information about your particular struggle, and then get your insurance and/or financial resourcing information. We explain the steps of the process and help you understand terms like

  • Verification of Benefits – getting a clear explanation of what your insurance policy says you are entitled to
  • HMO – you have to stay in network to access your insurance benefit
  • PPO – you can go out of your insurance network and insurance will still pay a substantial portion
  • Deductible – the amount of money you need to pay before insurance kicks in – based on your policy
  • Copay – the percentage or amount you pay for your services – based on your policy
  • Level of Care – what level of treatment (care) intensity your current condition needs
  • Medical Necessity – what is the lowest level of care insurance thinks you need for medical safety (they do NOT consider psychological or spiritual safety)
  • Utilization Review – the insurance will perform frequent reviews to determine how fast they can move you to a cheaper treatment option and utilize less resources

Our Care Guides do this everyday, all day, having many years of experience dealing with insurance companies and knowing how to appropriately access the benefits you’ve paid for. We also have great working relationships with many treatment programs around the country so we know their admission criteria and our familiarity with each other fast-tracks the screening and admission process. We dramatically reduce your stress by being your expert advocate and go-between while saving you valuable time and energy. Most importantly, because we are finding treatment options every day, we know the facilities that provide good ethical, medical, psychological, and spiritual care so your efforts and investment will be in the right place for the full healing process to start.

Unique Treatment Continuum

One treatment facility can’t provide everything, but sometimes your clinical situation might need more than one facility can give. For complicated cases or those needing longer-term options, sometimes the best plan is going to several different places to maximize the specialized expertise of each one and minimize your out-of-pocket expenses. This is especially true if you have difficult or restrictive insurance or need a longer (90 days to one year) residential stay to safely get back to healthy decisions and living.

We have a number of Christian treatment partners with many specialties from short-term detox, to acute rehab, to extended rehab, to long-term discipleship programs. A unique strength of our Case Management Service is tying together a couple different unique Christian options that other agencies don’t have relationships we know can complement each other for your benefit.

Case Management Cost

We are called by God to serve you with the expertise and experience He has given us, being His tangible hands of compassion during this trying time in your life. Just like the Good Samaritan didn’t charge a fee, neither do we. Our Case Management services are free.

Also, because we have found a number of caring and ethical Christian organizations and frequently work with them referring patients, and they respect and see the unique niche we serve, they usually give our cases a discounted rate compared to if you called on your own. They can also help minimize your out-of-pocket costs when possible.

Doctors, Therapists, Pastors – We Make Your Job Easier

Your time is precious and what you do is specialized. We want to free you to do what you do best by taking the case management tasks off your hands and performing it for you. You know how complicated the Behavioral Healthcare system is and how much of your time and effort it wastes. Unless you are talking to the insurances and finding the best options on a daily basis, your efforts are limited. Let our expertise help you. Call our Case Management line, 844-Life-Change (844-543-3242) and let us manage your case and find options you don’t even know existed while minimizing your patient’s out-of-pocket expenses.

Online Assessment Form to Send Information Online

A phone call is all that is necessary, but if this works better for you, we provide the following form to be used by a clinician or pastor to send us pertinent clinical and insurance information. Individuals can also use this form (it’s not too difficult to understand) to send information as well, just put your name and information in the fields asking for the clinician’s name.

Online Case Management Assessment Form

Lighthouse Network is Here to Serve You

We know this is a difficult time for you or a loved one and that is why God put us in your life. Call our Case Management number, 844-Life-Change (844-543-3242), and allow us to come alongside and be your Good Samaritan providing acute prayer and hope and helping you get to the right Inn for Healing to begin.

Get help now! Call (844) 543-3242