Core Spiritual Beliefs About Behavioral Health Issues

We firmly believe Jesus, being the Great Physician and Wonderful Counselor, is the Perfect Psychiatrist, coming to Earth to start a Behavioral Health Revolution through His radical and world-changing teaching. Jesus then backed it up by role modeling how to apply His teaching through the power of the Holy Spirit under the most adverse attacks, temptations, pressures, and injustices. We have the same resources to help us live the abundant life Jesus died for us to claim. Jesus is the prescription for our psycho-spiritual healing both in this lifetime and eternity with both the Holy Spirit and Mind of Christ in us when we accept Jesus as Savior.

As we look to use the science God has given us about how He designed our mind to work, here are the basic principles of psychospiritual healing:

  1. Our ultimate source of wellness is in Jesus Christ as our personal Savior. He is the Living Water and our ultimate source of life transformation and fullness.
  2. Jesus Christ is the both the temporal (this lifetime) and eternal source of transformation through the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit helping us metabolize Biblical principles for daily application in our lives.
  3. God is the Truth as is the Bible as God’s Word.
  4. As the truth, the Bible is the most accurate revelation and description of not just the life and happenings around us, but especially the internal experience and functioning of our mind and the interplay of spirit, mind, and brain chemistry. Sound psychological science continues to validate the Bible’s accuracy about the mind’s workings.
  5. Jesus’ teachings, the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God are the ultimate sources of counseling.
  6. Satan is the great deceiver who uses deceit to conceal the truth with the sole purpose of interfering with our decision-making process and destroying our lives, temporally and eternally.
  7. These sinful choices are psychologically unhealthy and dramatically interfere with us achieving God’s vision for a fulfilled and abundant life.
  8.  As sinners, with a sinful nature and on the frontline of spiritual warfare, we are all wounded and in need of a complete psychospiritual healing.
  9. The Bible is truth, absolute reality, and is God revealed to us. It is the source of principles necessary for spiritual healing and growth. B.I.B.L.E – Best Instruction Book for Living Everyday.
  10.  Psychological Science is a powerful tool God has given us to understand how He designed our mind to work and how to maximally steward it for His glory through our Godly decision-making. Psychological growth allows us to operationalize Biblical knowledge into Godly living. Practical NeuroTheology!
  11. Satan deceives us regarding both knowledge and practical application of Biblical truths and doctrines through the insidious spiritual warfare we see in our dysfunctional society and own hearts.
  12. This deception leads us to repetitive, free will sinful choices to follow the lusts of our flesh and idols of our heart (addiction), and not God, thus damaging our spirit, mind, and brain chemistry.
  13. Upon entering a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, our spirit is regenerated but our minds and bodies are not. We don’t get a brain transplant. Thus we still suffer with me-centered decision-making resulting in psychological and behavioral dysfunction as well as temporal disruption in our relationship with God.
  14. God gave us all free will to choose whether we pursue Christ-likeness or sin, choosing who our authority and master would be – God or Satan.
  15. As a believer, when we choose sin, God gives us the incredible coping skill of Confession to re-establish our temporal relationship with God, evict the flesh from the throne of our heart, and put the Holy Spirit back in charge of our mind.
  16. Once saved, we are called by God to grow according to His Word and to become more like Christ. Spiritual growth and maturity only happen through psychological growth and skill implementation producing enhanced functioning to glorify God.
  17. Through skillful application of Biblical principles, we move from deception to reality, despair to hope, addiction to recovery, bondage to freedom, fear and isolation to peace and joy, and dependence on self to dependence on God.
  18. Mobilizing these skills, through the empowerment and guidance of the Holy Spirit, builds a strong armor of God and bears tremendous fruit of the spirit.
  19. God’s vision for us can then be realized and the fruit of the Spirit is maximized.
  20. Being a true ambassador for God in name and conduct will impact our society and revolutionize the world, continuing the Revolution Jesus started.

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