Curriculum / Workshop Development

Godly Decision-Making Key to Living Well

Lighthouse Network has developed curriculum used by many different organizations to guide people through various types of life storms. Our material helps people understand how they think, how to identify obstacles that prevent healthy functioning, and how to develop better decision-making skills. For example, our customized curriculum can be used at:

  1. Residential addiction rehab facilities
  2. Inpatient psychiatric units
  3. Partial Hospital Programs
  4. Intensive Outpatient Programs
  5. Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services
  6. Outpatient therapy
  7. Church Sunday school classes
  8. Retreats and Workshops for individual growth or training clinical staff
  9. Individual use
  10. Court mandated treatment or probation requirements for accelerated rehab disposition
  11. Prison programs
  12. Recovery houses
  13. Workplace management coaching

Lighthouse Network have worked with thousands of individuals who struggle with life-interfering thoughts, emotions, or behaviors. Based on our experience, we can develop tailored curriculum resources and workshops that truly equip people to achieve their God-given potential. Our instruction concentrates on these three components:

  1. Practical Equipping – Helping people understand and manage everyday life situations, both big and small.
  2. Easy Implementation – We break concepts into small pieces that people can immediately apply to their lives.
  3. Memorable Repetition – We use a concrete process to help people understand and easily practice through repetition, so mastery of the new process is maximized.

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