Parenting Drug or Alcohol Addicted Children

Lighthouse Network is excited to announce that “You’re Not Alone” website and radio features are now a special service of Lighthouse Network.   We are honored to be able to share with you all the valuable parenting addicts resources you have found useful in the past. You will also have access to the free resources and training materials that Lighthouse Network has to offer.

Lighthouse Network has taken You’re Not Alone under our umbrella for the purpose of helping those who have loved ones that are struggling with addictions and other life challenges.  Lighthouse Network is excited to offer our Addictions & Counseling Helpline (844) 543-3242 free to anyone who is struggling with an addiction or mental health challenge.

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We realize you did not arrive at this web page because you want to be here. Someone you love is addicted or abusing drugs or alcohol. You are in pain. What do you do? Where do you turn?

Healthy Parents Can Help

We encourage you to focus on your own health and prepare yourself for what may be a long, hard road. (For quick insights into the Path to Parental Health – Eight Responses Many Parents Experience, click here.) We have discovered that healthy parents do a better job of helping their kids.

Free Resources for Parenting Addicts

In your path to freedom spiritually and physically from your child’s addiction we encourage you to learn all you can. Our own Dr. Andrea Chamberlain and her experienced team have developed many free resources to assist you in your journey. Free Resources for Parenting Addicts. Other Parenting Resources

Free Radio Minutes

In these audio files you will get tips, encouragement and spiritual advice on how to assist your addicted child. You will also learn ways to improve your life and wellbeing so you can be a better help to your family. Not Alone Radio Minutes.

While the information on this site can provide insights and direction (from the privacy of your home or office computer) the founders of this ministry urge you to seek support instead of trying to face this unique pain that none of us was designed to face alone. (To learn more about recovery centers and resources for your child or loved one, click here to learn more about LN’s Addiction & Counseling Helpline (844) 543-3242,  that can help you find the help your family needs.

“Like being hit by a ton of bricks” is how parents describe the news that a son or daughter is abusing drugs or alcohol. We trust you will find comfort from others who have found themselves on this torturous journey and who now endeavor to provide a path of understanding to those who may be reluctant (or ashamed) to seek out help on their own.

We’ve been where you are. More of us than you know. We do understand!


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