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Finding the right rehab for your adolescent can be difficult, but with the right information, you as a parent can rest assured that you are making the best decision for your child. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and find out about an adolescent drug rehab program before you commit to it. In this section Dr. Andrea Chamberlain shares her experience in this comprehensive guide so that you can know exactly what to consider, and what to not worry about when selecting the right treatment center for your beloved child.

What Can I do About my Rebellious Teen?

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Most people are so excited to have kids. Dreams, visions, and awesome feelings run through our mind and body as we see into the future and fantasize about those amazing experiences. But if we are honest, we also have worries and concerns about what kind of parent we’ll be and whether we can handle the responsibility and task of raising that little baby into a mature adult. We hear about the terrible 2’s, then some childhood and school ups and downs, but then come those teen years. What a rollercoaster of change, celebrations, defeats, letdowns, explorations, and growth.

  1. Realize you have no power or control over anyone, including your teen.
  2. The only person you have control over is yourself.
  3. Influence over your teen is what you really have.
  4. Influencing their decision-making is the best strategy.
  5. Use their skills to determine privileges.
  6. Tie skills and privileges back into their decision-making process.
  7. Relationship is more important than obedience.
  8. Be aware of traps that undermine your influence.
  9. Help teens manage their emotions, not the other way around.
  10. Get coaching.
  11. Don’t set a premature finish line.

Read Dr. Andrea’s in depth explanations of these points by clicking here.

Signs your Teen May be Using Drugs

There are many things to watch for. Here Dr. Andrea Chamberlain shares 13 unfortunate clues to teen substance abuse.

Is There Any Hope for My Addicted Child, They Seem So Lost

Parents struggle with this question all the time. They see the destruction addiction has caused in their child’s life, and wonder if things can ever go back to how they were. Many parents start to lose hope and get so beaten down as they see their adolescent continue on in their addiction, and they wonder if it is too late for their child.

Thankfully, the answer is clear: Hope always exists, no matter what “rock bottom” they seem to be hitting. Never give up praying, hoping, dreaming, and planning for your child’s recovery. Our gracious God loves your child more than you do and will give them (and you) the power to get through this. That being said, I will list some tips you as a parent can follow to help influence your child’s willingness to accept God’s power and understanding of how to apply it for a successful recovery and transformation.

Read Dr. Andrea’s tips for influencing your child’s willingness.

Is it Hard to Send Your Adolescent to Rehab?

If you are trying to figure out whether to send your child to rehab, you’re likely struggling with this huge, important, and potentially life-altering decision. You’re wondering if it’s the right action to take and if your child really needs this drastic or intense level of help. You’re not alone, and you can take comfort in the fact that many parents across the country are experiencing exactly what you are right now and will soon make the important choice to send their teen to rehab.

Parents often say that sending their child to rehab was the hardest thing they’ve ever had to do, but it was also the best choice they ever made for their child. Click here to see why.

My Teen is an Addict, Is It My Fault?

When our child is an addict, our natural reaction is to ask: Whose fault is it? Is it my fault? What did I do to cause this? Who should I, or can I, blame? In my experience, parents fall into 2 basic categories:

  1. It’s not my fault. I can’t believe I did all this for them and they messed up.
  2. This is my fault. I’m heart broken and feel so guilty. If only I would have …

For some, you have done your best to give your child a safe and loving home. You have tried to instill morals, good work ethic, provided them with a good education, and tried to role model and teach them to be Godly decision-makers. And yet, your teen is an addict. Read More >>

What to Look for in a Good Adolescent Rehab Program

There are several things you should watch for when choosing a rehab, and Dr. Andrea Chamberlain talks in depth about each one here. The facility should first of all be licensed and accredited, providing a safe and substance-free setting. It should also provide:

  • Life transformation
  • Trusted staff
  • Spirit, body, and mind integration
  • Decision-making skills
  • Christian programming
  • Coping skills
  • Competency and coping skills
  • The right length of treatment
  • Positive peer population
  • Engaging programming
  • Family programming
  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • School instruction
  • Affordability

Read Dr. Benzio’s explanation for each of the above components to a healthy adolescent rehab here.

Why Choose Christian Rehab for Your Adolescent?

There are several factors that make Christian adolescent rehab superior to all the other programs available. First and foremost, God is the only true power that can transform lives and set us free from addiction. Christian adolescent rehab transforms lives, as taught in the Bible and encouraged by positive peers and a supportive, faith-filled staff. When you enroll your teen in Christian rehab, they will learn to connect to the real power of God, which will set them free to achieve their God-given potential.

In Christian rehab, your adolescent will learn about forgiveness and the importance of focusing on others’ needs and being less self-centered. Christian adolescent rehab will give your teen hope and peace and a feeling of belonging that doesn’t exist in other settings.

Read more about the benefits of Christian adolescent rehab here.

Should I Send My Adolescent away for Rehab?

Parents often struggle with the decision to send their child away for rehab, but there are many benefits to going to rehab that is farther away from home.

Getting away for rehab allows your adolescent to leave their triggers behind, to get away from people that enable their addiction, and to get away from the stress of their everyday life. It also helps ensure your teen will stay in the program, because they won’t be able to leave and go home on their own. Going away for recovery will helps protect your teen’s privacy and allows them to meet other people with the same goals and values. Finally, the best rehab program for your teen might not be in your backyard, so if you are willing to look at rehab away from home, you can find better options.

Learn what Dr. Benzio says about sending your child away from home for rehab here.

What Do I Do when My Child is in Rehab?

When you’ve successfully gotten your child into an effective and caring Christian adolescent rehab program, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Knowing your child is in a quality program, where they will learn the fundamentals of living a life according to God’s will, experience positive transformation in life, and develop quality coping skills instead of using their addiction to cope, you can take a moment to relax, be thankful, and be relieved.

But after that deep breath, don’t just sit back and let life run its course, because there is much work to be done to prepare for your child’s return. Let me give you 6 tips to take advantage of this time while your child is in rehab. Read Dr. Andrea’s tips here.

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