Seven Reasons Why Sending Your Teen Away for Rehab Treatment Helps Their Recovery

Before I list seven reasons why going to a treatment facility hundreds of miles away from home is so helpful to your teen’s healing, I need to explain a couple basic concepts about people and addictions.

First, we are all spiritually, psychologically, and physically lazy. Don’t think so, answer these questions. How close to the entrance do we park? How often do we take the stairs when an elevator is available? How often, in the moment, do we see adversity as an opportunity to shine or learn something valuable? When we are faced with a problem, do we pray first?

Second concept, No Pain, No Gain. We think we are so smart and encouraging to others when we throw this at a loved one, but don’t we hate it when they say it to us? Pain is a part of life. There is no escape, at least until we are in Heaven with our Lord Jesus and Father. But on Earth, we aren’t taught very well how to feel, identify, handle, and endure the pain, and then, while in the pain, think clearly and make good decisions to function well.

Addiction is about shortcuts, shortcuts that actually take you a lot farther away from your goals and create a barrier between you and your goals.

When the possibility of facing the truth comes up, we all have escape hatches to slither through allowing us to evade accountability, responsibility, and doing the work necessary to be that transformed person we yearn to be. Sometimes we are posers and pretend to do the right thing, sometimes we are in flat out denial, sometimes we shift blame to others, we get good at manipulating, we have thousands of lame excuses or believable (to us) lies, and we surround ourselves with a good group of enablers or fellow addicts.

Based on the truths discussed above, there are several reasons why going farther away for treatment is such a huge advantage. To find out more about each of these points, visit Dr. Benzio’s blog.

  1. Leave the triggers behind. Triggers will cause your teen to be tempted to use again. Staying close to home increases the chances your teen will be lead into destructive habits they are trying to get away from.
  1. Get away from the enablers. Your teen knows how to interact with those that enable his or her habit. By going away to rehab, your teen will be distanced from those enablers.
  1. “Got to go.” It is easier for a teen to ditch treatment if they are close to home, friends, and family. Getting away keeps them from taking a shortcut out of rehab.
  1. Make an escape. It is important for your teen to get away from everyday stressors and responsibilities. Enrolling in a rehab farther from home allows your teen to escape the intrusive thoughts that plague their mind in their everyday life.
  1. Ensure your privacy. Privacy is a difficult thing to maintain in today’s world. A rehab that is farther away will offer better options for privacy.
  1. You are not alone. Going away for recovery helps give your teen a fresh, more positive Godly perspective. It allows them to build bonds with people from other areas that share the same goals and values in life.
  1. Find the best option. Not all rehabs are the same, and sometimes you need to look outside of your local area to find the best option for your teen.

Lighthouse Network rehab centers offer top quality care and unique features, like Christian treatment, Medicare coverage, and teen and mental health specialties. Not every rehab center can accommodate your teen’s needs and your financial situation, so it is important to do research to find a good match. We’ve done a lot of that research for you because we want your child to achieve their God-given potential and experience the peace, joy, freedom and fulfillment God has waiting for them.

If you are looking for a solid, Christ-based rehab program, we can help. Contact Lighthouse Network at 844-LifeChange (844-543-3242) to learn more about what our rehabs have to offer.

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