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Lighthouse Network Christian Programs

At Lighthouse Network, we are happy to offer you special and unique options that might interest you in order to get the most out of your residential addiction or mental health residential treatment.

Our Lighthouse Network Christian Programs are a specialty programs, designed to be truly holistic in looking at all 3 spheres of spirit, mind, and body, thus going beyond the traditional forms of treatment by clearly and equally emphasizing and addressing the spiritual aspects of your addiction and contributing situations. Our program uses a specifically Christian and Biblical perspective, which will uniquely help you understand how all 3 spheres need to be addressed for your lasting recovery to happen. Research shows when spiritual elements such one those that we would expect to see from a residential christian mental health treatment facility are meshed into the actual treatment programs, patients have deeper and longer lasting recovery.

First, your medical, psychiatric, and detox care will be the same excellent services as in traditional programs.

In your daily treatment, you will have several groups each day that will be led by Christians and directly apply Biblical principles as your treatment team helps you understand you, your addiction and/or mental health issues, and learn skills to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

The Lighthouse Network Christian Program will focus on how to help you bring your belief in God and the instructions and principles that are taught in the Bible more clearly into your daily struggles so you can be better armed to fight the daily battle of your addiction. More importantly, it will help you look deeper inside to help you understand why you are drawn to your addiction in the first place and then how to be a better Godly decision-maker to really enjoy a lasting transformation and achieve your God given potential.

Your primary/individual therapist will be a specially trained licensed Christian therapist.

The Christian Groups will be presented by Christians and the psychological skills that we are helping you develop to overcome your addiction and mental health struggles will be focused on cutting edge science about how you think, manage your feelings, and addictions then combining that with Biblical teachings about the same things.

An important part of the Christian Program is learning how to bring the real power of our Divine Creator, God, and His instruction directly into your treatment to empower you to overcome your addiction as the AA 12 steps encourage. Instead of a Higher Power or God as we know him, we are studying the God of the Bible, the Trinity God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

Many people have had difficult experiences with church and religion, but our program presents God and the Bible in a way which will help you understand God and His teachings a lot better, but more importantly, understand them in a way that will really help you get your life on the right path again.

These principles will not be taught or delivered in a judgmental or punitive way as some think God to be, but in a way consistent with the love, grace, and forgiveness that Jesus teaches and showed to us.

Another important core difference will be a community or milieu of other Christian patients and staff you will have your groups with. This community of will care, pray, help, and discuss with each other in powerful ways to assist each other in exploring your spiritual journeys with God and how to bring God and His peace back into your lives.

Some of the goals of the Lighthouse Christian Program – Step 11 from the Big Book!

  1. To grow closer to God,
  2. Understand God’s will and purpose for you for healthy living and relationships through His love, grace, and forgiveness.
  3. Learn how to love yourself in a healthy way.
  4. Practical skills to understand why and how you make decisions so you can be a lot better at decision-making to fulfill your potential.

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