Stepping Stones: Introduction

Stepping Stones: Introduction
February 18, 2009 Lighthouse Network

Dear Friends,
Welcome to the Stepping Stones Daily Devotional from Lighthouse Network.
You are receiving this email because you were either part of the Allen Menard Victory Prayer Team or on the Lighthouse Network mailing list.

Lighthouse Network’s desire is for you to become a Lighthouse who achieves two goals:

  1. Become a lighthouse that shines God’s glory to the rest of the world
  2. Become a lighthouse that stands on a rock solid foundation to withstand the storms of your own life.

It is our hope and prayer that the devotional will become part of your growth process by providing stepping stones to move you closer to God.

Your will receive a daily devotional containing 3 components:

1. A Transformational Tip to help you become more Christ-like and to develop the “Mind of Christ”
2. A Prayer to help grow a closer, loving relationship with God
3. The Truth to reinforce that the Bible is the place for truth to live life abundantly, today.

This devotional will give you very practical tips and skills to change your life now, to please God and be transformed to be someone you only imagined you could be. Sometimes it will convict you in areas you need work, but it should also bring you hope that with your talking to God and looking in His book, He will keep to His promise and bring you peace and joy in life.

As part of the first group to receive the Stepping Stones Daily devotional, you will play a key role in the success of this outreach. Once you receive the daily devotionals and develop a belief they bring value to your life, please forward one of the devotionals to others suggesting they subscribe to the Stepping Stones Daily Devotional. There is a link at the bottom of each devotional to “Forward Email”. Plerase encourage those you forward the message to subscribe. You personally need not subscribe, you are already a member. In the event you do not want to receive our daily devotional, there is an “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of each message.

We are thankful that you are allowing and trusting us to be part of your growth process. At anytime, please let us know how you are doing by contacting us at:

We will be praying for you to pursue your path to God using our Stepping Stones.

By HIS grace,
The Lighthouse Network Team

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