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The Prodigal Son: One man’s struggle with addiction and God’s story of redemption

Author and life story of Elvin Colon (Lighthouse Network Care Guide)
The prodigal son is a story of my life of faith to drug abuse to faith. Highlighted in the story is the devastation of my choice to turn away from a loving God. It is a journey of the consequences and victory of a 22-year heroin addict who was saved by Godâs mercy and grace. This book also encourages the families of addicts and gives insight into how the families struggle with a loved one caught in the chains of addiction.

Author Profile: Elvin Colon was born in 1964 in Bristol Pennsylvania. Elvin has 4 children and is currently active in youth ministry in his church. Elvin has 10 siblings and his mother and father are still living and have been married for 54 years. Elvin is currently in school with the national Christian counselors association and wants to become a pastor. Elvin wants to dedicate the remainder of his life to spreading the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ, his Lord and Savior. Elvin currently resides with his wife Laura in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Laura and Elvin have been together for 8 years and were married in the church where they met.

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No More Hiding, No More Shame (Perfect Paperback)

Author: Brent McNamara (Lighthouse Network Care Guide)

No one wants to talk about it. No one wants to admit to it. But it’s time for No More Hiding, No More Shame. It’s time for transparency. Here are the facts: Forty million adults in the U.S. regularly visit porn sites on the Internet. Forty-seven percent of families say pornography is a problem in their home. But this problem isn’t limited to the secular world. Pornography addiction has reached epidemic proportions in the church. A recent survey showed that 51 percent of pastors confessed to looking at porn on their church office computers; 37 percent say it is a current struggle.

Twenty percent of Christian women have admitted they are addicted to pornography. For author Brent McNamara, these statistics hit close to home. Pornography addiction destroyed his life, his family, and his ministry. In this book, he traces the source of his addiction from its childhood roots to its adulthood manifestation and then shows how he ultimately overcame this addiction by the grace of God. In sharing his own story and struggle with pornography, McNamara offers readers who are trapped in pornography addiction the hope that they too can be free from this terrible addiction and gives them step-by-step, practical advice on how to get there.

Author Profile: Brent McNamara earned a B.S. in Bible-Pastoral Studies from Philadelphia Biblical University.  He is currently pursuing his M.A. Counseling at Liberty University.  He is the Celebrate Recovery State Representative for South Jersey and also facilitates the Swedesboro, NJ Celebrate Recovery 12-Step Christian Recovery Group.  Brent is also the author of “No More Hiding, No More Shame: Freedom from Pornography Addiction”.  He is happily married with 3 adult daughters and 4 wonderful grandchildren.

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