College Men Psychologically Affected by Abortion

from staff reports
Many call it the worst day.

A UCLA psychiatrist has noted that many college-aged men she’s counseled appear to have been impacted by abortion.

Dr. Miriam Grossman noticed a significant number of young men reported a sleeping disorder. She began asking whether they had participated in an abortion. Most said “Yes.”

“I had a young man a few weeks ago who was very surprised that I was        asking him,” she said. “But, he did say, ‘Yeah, about a month ago my girlfriend had an abortion. It was a whole big story, and he was pretty upset about it.”

There’s little research on abortion’s impact on men, but a study by Drexel University revealed 80 percent of men who were at the clinic the day their child was aborted called it one of the worst days of their lives.

It’s no surprise the issue hasn’t been properly studied, due in part to how abortion’s impact is largely ignored.

“We still have some difficulty in our country and the mental health profession understanding what a tragedy abortion is,” he told Family News in Focus. “We don’t appreciate the impact that that has on the father of the child.”

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