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Group Therapy

Group Therapy

I’ve hunted for Christian treatment options for people struggling with Addictions or Mental Health issues for almost 20 years and I’d love to tell you about one of our long time partners we’ve worked with for the last 10+ years. From their Christian ownership at the top down to their front line team, their compassion for struggling people, commitment to integrate Biblical and clinical excellence with God’s compassion, and most importantly, sharing the love of Christ always impressed us and is hard to find.

But not only do we love to work with their team, but our callers who receive treatment there also give us incredible feedback about their experiences. For this reason, they are our go-to program when the patient’s clinical situation and insurance fit as so many awesome treatment success stories come out their doors.

Compassionate and Professional Christian Team and Program


Christian Drug Treatment Facility

The truth will set you free, and their Christian program integrates that truth, Christ-centered Bible-based principles to connect to God and live a God-honoring life, into the psychologically deep treatment groups. Their mature, non-judgmental, and caring staff are licensed mental health counselors, certified addiction professionals or master-level therapists who provide the best Christian program that truly and seamlessly integrates sound psychological principles with Biblical truths and life management teachings.

Also, augmenting the Christian program are Sunday church service and Celebrate Recovery meetings at local churches, communion, worship and praise music, devotions, prayer meetings, and Bible studies. The goal is to access the divine power of God and teach the BIBLE’s life management principles that Jesus taught and modeled. Frequent baptisms occur as well as many patient’s rededicating their life to God.

Our partner also provides a strong traditional (non-Christian) program for those not yet ready for Christian programming.

Medical Expertise for Comfortable Detox and Psychiatric Support

A significant mindset that we love which differentiates them from other Christian programs is their appreciation and delivery of a fully holistic spirit, mind, and body, or BioPsychoSpiritual approach. They have  top notch medically supervised detox program with around-the-clock nursing care to make sure their patients are able to come off alcohol and/or drugs safely and comfortably. Their medical team prescribes the state of the art detox protocols and uses vitamins and nutritional supplements and neurotransmitter testing to minimize the meds needed and maximize the body re-stabilizing off drugs and/or alcohol. This allows them to take the most addicted patient and help them navigate the most difficult first 5-10 days of detox and withdrawal so they can get to the more important psychological and spiritual interventions to follow.

They also have a great and fulltime psychiatrist on staff to evaluate and address deeper biological/medical components with depth and state of the art excellence. This is vital since all addictions are a maladaptive coping mechanism a patient uses to self-medicate deeper wounds and issues. In fact, 70% of addicts suffer from diagnosable mental health issues as depression, anxiety, PTSD etc. Being prescribed the appropriate medications, if necessary, to lessen these symptoms allows the client to better absorb the life-saving techniques and therapies they will learn in this Biblically based program.

Innovative Therapies to Improve Probability of Success

A major advantage is their willingness to think out of the box. Already different due to the integrating of Medical detox and psychiatry with deeper Biblical application to renew the mind, they also offer novel beneficial therapies to increase the chance of treatment success and full transformation. Here are several:

  • EMDR to help with process past trauma more accurately to access healing,
  • Chiropractic treatments to help the often neglected human body sleep and heal better,
  • Innovative natural remedies to help the body and brain detox and heal faster,
  • On site Music Studio allows clients to learn more about themselves, understand the reasons for their addictions, and provide an activity to engage their mind and help with recovery and therapy.
  • Serenity Lounge is a combination of vibroacoustics, music therapy and psychology which helps with stress relief by allowing the right frame of mind to accept positive messaging,
  • Brain Solutions activities consist of electronic-based games that reduce stress, shift negative to positive thinking, and help identify cognitive and emotional strengths and weaknesses
  • BrainPaint System – or neuro-feedback – teaches a person to actually control their own brainwaves to help migraines, anxiety, depression, anger, resentment ADHD and insomnia,

Longer Treatment Stay in Stress-free Apartments

Why Choose Christian Drug Treatment

Beautiful South Florida Location

The proper environment is critical to healing. This program is situated in a quaint peaceful beach village …. with near perfect weather all year round. Away from the cares and struggles of daily life, patients have a relaxing place to concentrate and dig into the underlying issues that lead to addiction behavior. The goal is to eliminate the excuses and obstacles often seen during treatment so the journey to a spirit, mind, body healing and life transformation is clear and smooth.

Instead of being housed or dormitory style in a hospital or facility, after detox, you’ll settle into your choice of living arrangements: a two-bedroom condo or an upscale villa. Your residence includes a living room complete with flat screen TV, in-apartment washer and dryer and an updated, modern kitchen with granite countertops. Balconies and patios provide beautiful views of the property and the pond, including wildlife that takes advantage of a quick dip from time to time. Weekends provide opportunities for supervised outings including the beach.

Your room will afford some much needed “alone time” to enjoy peace and quiet and to complete any assignments you’ve been given. Weekly trips to the grocery store allow you to choose food that you enjoy.

The dedicated women’s suite provides a much-needed feeling of privacy, protection and security for our female clients seeking a safe place to begin the healing process.

Individualized and Flexible Program Options

Patients undergo a personalized journey through one of their highly effective treatment programs. All programs have a low ratio of clients to staff who not only specializes in the issues the patient is facing but is paired with them based on the patient’s needs. Most of the groups are gender specific to minimize games and maximize openness, humility, and transparency.

Some of the different program options are adult, younger adult, Christian, First Responders, Sexual Abuse Survivor, and Trauma from Abortion. Lengths of treatment vary from 30 – 90 days for the intensive daily treatment program and then a return home for continued outpatient treatment. For those not quite ready to return home to full independence, many continue to make great strides in the stepdown program that is 1 to 6 months long and allows progressive independence to be added to the treatment depending on the patient’s progress, skills, decision-making, and needs.

Let Lighthouse Network Help You Today!

We are excited, for obvious reasons, about our long standing relationship, the treatment success, and the ethical way they run their facility in a day where many in the addiction field has questionable practices. For our callers, they give us discounted rates, can occasionally help with travel help, and have some flexibility with some out of pocket expenses.

So if you or a loved on is experiencing stormy times dealing with an addiction or mental health issue, call our Lighthouse Network Helpline 1-844-Life-Change (1-844-543-3242) and we will bring hope, encouragement, and use our expertise to find the right clinical and financial fit for your next step in transforming your life.

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