Behavioral Warning Signs of Alcohol or Substance Abuse:

If you or a loved one exhibit or develop any of the following behaviors, you (or he/she) may have a problem with alcohol or drugs. Complete the following statements with either True (T) or False (T). My (or my loved one’s) substance abuse causes me (or him / her) to…

  1. Break promises. (T or F)
  1. Neglect responsibilities. (T or F)
  1. Skip work or school. (T or F)
  1. Fall behind in work or school. (T or F)
  1. Get sick. (T or F)
  1. Begin delinquent behaviors (lying, cheating, stealing, etc…). (T or F)
  1. Run away from home. (T or F)
  1. Have casual or risky sex. (T or F)
  1. Engage in prostitution. (T or F)
  1. Commit crime. (T or F)
  1. Vandalize property. (T or F)
  1. Assault other people. (T or F)
  1. Try other, more dangerous drugs. (T or F)
  1. Drive or operate machinery while high or drunk.
  1. Take dangerous physical risks. (T or F)

The more statements you identified as true, the greater the substance abuse issue. However, you don’t have to let alcohol or drugs control your life any longer. We can help you be free of addiction. If you’re unsure or love someone who is addicted, don’t delay the chance to get help. Call us today at (844) 543-3242.

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