Choose the Best Christian Treatment Services For a New Start in Life

Ask the Right Questions When Researching a Christian Facility

We all look to re-invent ourselves by trying a new hairstyle of clothes, fake glasses, using our middle name, go away to college, move to a new place, switch jobs or make new friends. But sometimes we need a more fundamental change in who we are because the way we are living is so damaging to us and those around us. This mush needed change is so true for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

Anytime is the perfect time to finally commit to getting treatment. But not all treatment facilities and programs are created equal, and those seeking change should look for a program with Bible-based and Christ-centered principles and Christian counselors.

The most effective help will incorporate God into the healing process because without Him, no amount of rehab, treatment or medication can bring the deep healing and lasting transformation we crave for.

Let me suggest these 10 questions we ask as we search for treatment options for our callers and you can ask while you research options:

  1. Do those leading the program believe the Bible is the inerrant instruction book written by our Creator, the one and only living God? Are they faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ?
  2. Do counselors teach the power of the Holy Spirit to empower, influence and guide patients to wisdom and healthy living?
  3. Does the facility employ Christian therapists and staff who are in a mature, personal walk with God?
  4. Are Christian therapists and staff licensed and credentialed clinicians with excellent therapy skills?
  5. Do these Christian therapists integrate biblical truths and teachings into their clinical expertise during group, individual and psycho-educational talk therapies?
  6. Does the facility host onsite or attend offsite Christian Sunday church services?
  7. Does the facility offer Celebrate Recovery or some other Christian support group as an alternative to AA/NA meetings?
  8. Are daily Bible study and application encouraged?
  9. Does the culture reflect the peace, compassion and grace that Jesus modeled and that the Bible teaches?
  10. Does the facility view psychiatric medications as a useful tool God has given us to help symptom relief, but not as the sole cure for psychiatric issues?

In summary, does the facility view addictions as a problem in all three spheres; namely, part disease, part a problem in the mind affecting personality, emotions, and  decision-making, and foundationally a spiritual issue of misplaced worship and sin?

Making the decision to pursue treatment for addictions and mental health issues is a significant step—both in an individual’s life and in the lives of his or her family members. By asking the right questions of a potential treatment facility, individuals and families can ensure as much as possible that the treatment methodology and approach will incorporate all the components—biological, psychological and spiritual—that are essential for true healing.

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