Christian Medicare Addiction Treatment

If you, or a loved one, has Medicare and is struggling with an addiction, you know how confusing and challenging it is to find treatment for the substance abuse problems you are facing.  It is very frustrating and disheartening when you are ready to make a Life Change but you just can’t find the answers you need. The idea of finding faith based, Christian, treatment is probably totally something you think is not available.  Lighthouse Network is excited to let you know that Christian Addiction treatment is now available for those with Medicare coverage.  We know that faith based recovery has a much higher success rate than traditional treatment.   So this is an amazing opportunity for those serious about finding freedom from addiction and life change to combine their faith in an integrated way with there addiction treatment program.

With the changes to Medicare and the creation of, many struggling individuals have gotten conflicting information for their Medicare providers and are lost in the process.  Don’t lose heart or give up because Christian Medicare addiction treatment answers are available with Lighthouse Network’s Life Change Helpline (844.Life-Change).  The Lighthouse Network Life Change Care Guides are caring and knowledgeable Christians  that are experts in the area of Medicare Addiction Treatment.

The Life Change Helpline (844.Life-Change), is a free helpline brought to you by Lighthouse Network,  a Christian nonprofit organizations that is a leader in helping people find the best addiction treatment options available.  Over the last several years, after taking many calls from those with Medicare looking for Christian treatment, the team at Lighthouse Network recognized how difficult the Medicare addiction faith based treatment system is to navigate.   After talking with many individuals throughout the country who have an overwhelming desire to go to Christian treatment to be free of their addiction, only to hear about the many road blocks in finding treatment for their addiction with Medicare insurance, Lighthouse Network created the Life Change Helpline specializing in Medicare Christian addiction treatment.  The Life Change Helpline is a toll free helpline specifically designed for the sole purpose of helping Medicare recipients that are struggling with addictions find the best possible treatment options that are covered by Medicare.

Whether you are struggling with: Alcohol, Prescription Drugs, Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana, Methamphetamine, LSD, Ecstasy, Rohypnols (Roofies),Ketamine (Special K), GHBS, or Club Drugs, the Life Change Care Guides can find Christian Medicare treatment for you no matter what your addiction struggle is.

If you have lost heart and think you can’t find Treatment for your addiction, don’t let the confusion of the medicare system stand your way. Lighthouse Network’s Life Change Helpline (844.Life-Change) is here to help you.  Please, won’t you pick up the phone and call now. Your new life, free from addiction, and anchored in your faith is only a phone call away.  A Christian Life Change Care Guide is waiting to talk with you. Everyday we help people just like you. Let this be the day that you start the road to real life change, for your family, for your friends, but most importantly for yourself!

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