USADA Strips Armstrong of Titles, Bans Him From Cycling for Life Due to Doping

Lighthouse Network Helps Addiction Patients Recover While Working With Legal Agencies for an Optimal Medico-Legal Remediation Process

Key Facts:

  • Seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong was stripped of all seven titles by the United States Anti-Doping Association (USADA) alleging “Armstrong’s numerous anti-doping rule violations, including his involvement in trafficking and administering doping products to others.”
  • Lighthouse Network’s Addiction Helpline provides case management services for people with drug or addiction issues guiding them to appropriate treatment options, which are often Bible-based and Jesus-centered.
  • Lighthouse Christian Program at Fort Lauderdale Hospital, utilizes Lighthouse Network’s unique Christian curriculum to provide acute help for those struggling with acute and life-interfering or life-threatening addictive behaviors.
  • Lighthouse Network also raises awareness regarding the prevalence and dangers of addictions and substance abuse and provides guidance for healthy medico-legal remediation for those who face occupation or legal problems as a result of substance abuse.

  The United States Anti-Doping Association (USADA) stripped cycling legend, cancer survivor and health advocate Lance Armstrong of all seven of his Tour de France titles late last week due to his “numerous anti-doping rule violations, including his involvement in trafficking and administering doping products to others.” Earlier in the week, Armstrong came out to say he would no longer defend himself against what he called an “unconstitutional witch hunt,” pointing to the numerous drug tests he passed successfully during the course of his professional cycling career.

The USADA’s action shows another side to the consequences that those who use or abuse drugs can face. Most commonly thought of are the health and relational damage that comes from drug use, but often equally prevalent are the legal ramifications.

While it was a sad day for Armstrong fans and the cycling world on Friday, the USADA’s action proves that those caught up with substance abuse can be fully functional members of society while still experiencing the very real consequences addictive behaviors often bring. Legal consequences, although unfortunate, are often the strongest leverage finally pushing an addict to realize the out-of-control state of their addiction. My own arrest for 6 counts of aggravated assault and going to jail was one of the pivotal turning points of my alcohol recovery and life transformation.

Through their free, 24-hour Lighthouse Network Addiction and Counseling Helpline at (844) 543-3242, Lighthouse Network Care Guides talk with callers and can help determine the next best course of action for the caller’s needs.  Curriculum and other programs that Lighthouse has developed help the addicted and their caregivers and Lighthouse Network provides these resources to many facilities throughout the United States.  Fort Lauderdale Hospital in Florida is a residential rehabilitation and psychiatric treatment facility, is one such treatment center which can provide not only detox services through a Christian counseling setting, but also drug and alcohol awareness programs that deal with the legal or societal ramifications of substance abuse.

We have relationships with many treatment partners taking the wide gamut of insurances who offer not only high-quality Christian treatment and counseling to help those struggling with addiction, but also affords our Helpline Care Guides strategic geographical and clinical options to customize a plan to the treatment needs of each caller. We are proud of our national relationships providing outstanding options that are the industry benchmarks of excellence to offer a continuum of Christian behavioral health services that is unparalleled.

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