About the Partner Network


 About Our Partner Network

Lighthouse Network is the largest Christian Referral Helpline in the nation dealing with mental health and substance abuse. We are now expanding our reach and services by forming partnerships with Therapist, Counselors and Pastors from all over the country. (click here to learn more)

When you join Lighthouse’s Partner Network, you can expect to receive:
1. Expert case management when needing to refer a client to a residential situation, or any outsourcing you need.
2. Referrals to your practice or church when a client calls our Helpline and fits your expertise, practice profile, and geography
3. Compensation of $200-400 for special assessments you perform in specific cases.
4. Equipping to enhance your skills and ability to provide a true BioPsychoSpiritual approach.
5. Awesome intangible spiritual and psychological rewards from being a member in a community of like-minded Good Samaritans called to help the least of these.
6. Opportunity to sharpen the Lighthouse treatment philosophy and shape the content we develop.
7. Chat and Forums of like minded Christian clinicians, iron sharpening iron.

How do I join the Partnership Network?
Click here to Learn Step by Step How to join the Partner Network.  This is a check list that will walk you through the online documents and steps that will guide you on your path to being a vital member of the Partner Network Community.

Advertise With Us

Hundreds of people are logging on to our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week desperately looking for counseling for either themselves or a loved one. We would like to include your practice for their convenience.

Below are 3 ways you can advertise with us:

Silver Listing


Listing of your practice (Have your organization contact information listed on the LN Partner Network and searchable by clients includes your geographical address and office number and integrated with our online search map.)

Gold Listing



  • Everything included in Silver Listing, plus:
  • Listing of your practice
  • 150 x 100 size ad with your business logo

Platinum Listing


  • Everything included in the Gold Listing, plus:
  • Listing of your practice
  • 250 x 200 size ad with business logo
  • Hyperlink to your website
  • Rotating sidebar (Ad)


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