Rewind Life

Do you wish that you could rewind your life and do something differently?

People who run into trouble with the law think about this all of the time. The problem is, even if people could “rewind life” back to before they got into trouble, statistics show that most just end up making similar bad decisions again. Instead of a rewind button for life, people need to understand how to make better decisions.

Learn how to make better decisions

The average person is faced with over 5,000 – 10,000 decisions each day. Most of these decisions are made without much conscious thought. Most poor decisions come from the same problems.

  • A distorted view of the situation
  • Letting emotions disrupt the decision-making process
  • Not seeing all of your options
  • Not accurately assessing the positives and negatives in a situation

Using the revolutionary S.P.E.A.R.S. approach, the Rewind Life program equips you with concrete tools to slow life down, process what is truly happening, and then make the best possible decision for that situation.

Rewind Life is a practical and easy to use, web-based program. The user can immediately implement the S.P.E.A.R.S. process in all areas of life management.

The curriculum is appropriate for ages 10—adult. The online format and message board technology actively engages the teen/young adult, while the simplicity of the program and easy to use interface does not confuse those who are less tech savvy.

Rewind Life partners with Lighthouse Network

Rewind Life has partnered with Lighthouse Network to bring this online decision-making curriculum to a wider audience. We are excited to partner with Lighthouse, an organization with a crisis hotline and a history of working around the clock to change lives around the world.

How did Rewind Life start?

Dr. Karl Benzio has over 20 years experience as an adolescent and addiction specialist. He has directed adolescent and faith-based rehab programs and been asked to speak internationally and consult on the topic of decision-making. His S.P.E.A.R.S. curriculum teaches that very few decisions have to be made immediately, and when they are made immediately, they usually turn out poorly. When a person feels pressed to make a decision quickly, Dr. Benzio has broken down the decision-making process into 6 steps, which allows an individual to slow things down and see the situation clearly. By doing this, it becomes easy to see the best possible decision for that situation. He has found that when his patients understand and master this process and discipline of decision-making, the progress that they make in their lives is significant.

Steve Benzio, M. Ed. is a certified recovery specialist who has spent the last 8 years as a teacher at a high school in South Philadelphia. Five of those years were spent as the Dean of Students. Steve made it his mission to take his in-school suspension program from punitive to productive, since most of the discipline events were focused on punishment rather than teaching the student better life management skills. Steve learned that when students were taught to internalize their punishments (instead of blaming others) and were given time while in the suspension room to practice different skills that would result in a more productive outcome, that the successful students were less likely to return for repeat offenses. Using this model and combining it with his brother Karl’s S.P.E.A.R.S. program, Steve developed the online decision making program that is now called “Rewind Life”.

Purchase the Rewind Life curriculum

6-Step Package – $155.00

Rewind Life is an introduction to the revolutionary 6-part S.P.E.A.R.S. decision-making process. Remember, everyone makes over 5000 decisions per day without even thinking through most of them or understanding how the decision happened. Rewind Life stresses the fact that very few decisions require immediate action and gives a formula to walk through in order to make the best decision possible in all situations

Students in this program will learn this process in 6 easy steps by watching videos and responding to questions and participating in a message board community that has over 200 members who are either certified to help with their treatment or in treatment themselves in the same program.

6-Step Package (Faith-based focus) – $155.00

This program contains the same material as the regular 6 step package. However, this faith-based version shows the student how to view decisions through lenses that are centered around God’s will for their life. Students in this program will learn this process in 5 easy steps by watching videos and responding to questions and participating in a message board community.

All programs are available completely online.

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