Social Issue Task Forces

Some parts of everyday life are pretty straightforward and simple to navigate. But other areas are pretty complex and have long-term ripples. Personal decisions can often evolve into societal issues which affect communities, while some go further to the point of becoming laws affecting whole states or the entire country.

Examples are healthcare reform especially addiction and mental health issues, crime, abortion, suicide and physician assisted suicide, euthanasia, legalization or decriminalization of marijuana and other drugs, homosexuality, same sex marriage, transgender issues and bathroom choice, gun control, mass killings, immigration control, military activities, welfare and entitlement programs, child welfare and adoption issues, and so many more.

Personal decisions evolve into societal issues and we want to educate people that the Bible and real science do agree and need to direct our position not just on controversial and complex issues of personal decision-making, but also larger societal issues and policies as well.

To often we let emotions, not wanting to have anyone feel bad, political correctness, or someone’s dysfunctional demands guide decision-making. Good parents become immune to these influences and determine policy based on the long-term good of the child and family based on spiritual truths, values, morals, and virtues.

If social policies are not scientifically and Biblically consistent, then values, morals, personal responsibility, the physical protection of life, and psychological and spiritual development all start to erode. Children grow up told to trust our authorities, so if our policies are wrong, children get brainwashed into believing these policies represent accurate science and spiritual truths.

Because all social policies are comprised of many decisions with significant psychological and spiritual components, Lighthouse Network, as decision-making scientists, is well equipped to inform and scrutinize these issues and be part of the solution. We feel God has equipped us for such a time as this and He encourages and empowers us to respectfully, clearly, and boldly light and truth into these complex issues and decisions.

The goal of Lighthouse Network is to show science validates what the Bible teaches and then to bring this expertise into the public discussion. In this regard we are formally and informally a part of a number of Task Forces or Strategic Policy or Advisory Boards sharing our psychological science and spiritual expertise to fight for God’s prescription for abundant living.

If you are involved with in social issues and are interested in the expertise we can provide, please feel free to call at 215- 630-8846 to see if it is a good match for both parties.

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