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Bipolar Disorder Help

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Understanding Bipolar Disorder

DVD (60 mins) with Karl Benzio MD

Understanding Bipolar Disorder Bipolar Disorder can be a confusing and discouraging challenge for the individual that is facing it and the people that care about them. If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder you want to know all you can about this challenge, but it can be difficult to get real answers. In Understanding Bipolar Disorder, Psychiatrist Karl Benzio teaches you the details of the disorder, keys to its treatment, a Biblical perspective on living life successfully with Bipolar Disorder, and how to effectively encourage and counsel those that are facing this challenge. This 1-hour DVD is a great resource for parents, teachers, pastors, counselors, and those diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Understanding Bipolar Disorder is a must have for anyone who’s life is being impacted by Bipolar Disorder.

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Understanding & Counseling Cutting & Self-Harm Behaviors

DVD (75 mins) with Karl Benzio M.D.

Understanding & Counseling Cutting & Self-Harm Behaviors If you are a parent, teacher, counselor, or someone who works with teens you need to know about cutting & self-harm behaviors. Cutting and self-harming behaviors are typically seen among younger teen girls, although older teens and boys can also engage in cutting. They often take care to cut themselves only in places where their injuries and scars can be concealed by clothing to hide the practice from parents, siblings, and teachers. It’s usually hard for parents to understand why their teen would cut himself or herself on purpose. Dr. Benzio, Christian Psychiatrist and founder of Lighthouse Network, will help you understand causes and reasons young people cut, skills to help them handle the pressure they are facing, and how to counsel them through these destructive behaviors to manage life challenges and storms successfully.

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Responding to God’s Grace

DVD (60 mins) with Karl Benzio MD

The Grace to Change, But How?God showers us with Amazing and Powerful Grace. But what do we do in response. Unfortunately, many people take grace for granted, ignore it, or assume good happenings are their own doing and not God’s. Fortunately, God only desires from us one key response to His grace. Romans 12:1-2 states … we are to offer our bodies as living sacrifices, holy and acceptable to God, which is our spiritual worship. What does this mean and how do we do it? Fortunately, it is all is packaged in the most important Spiritual Discipline … Godly Decision Making. Simply, Free Will exercised well. Sadly, nobody ever gets a course in Decision-Making, so let this workshop rouse your mind to a strategy for abundant living and decision making excellence to steward God’s grace in a way that glorifies God and is a shining light to others.

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Field Guide for Early Childhood Parenting (DVD-CHILDHOOD)

DVD (5-hour series) with Karl Benzio MD

Field Guide for Early Childhood Parenting As parents, grandparents, teachers, and counselors we are always look for ways to communicate, understand, and instruct the children we have in our lives to encourage them and help them develop. This DVD series presented by Karl Benzio M.D. and Mike Haney (Teacher, and early childhood specialist) guides you through a biological, spiritual, and mental understanding of your young child. (Read more!)

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Field Manual for Parenting: Teenagers

DVD (5-hour series) with Karl Benzio MD

Field Guide for Parenting Teenagers Being a parent of teenagers can be frustrating, challenging, and exciting. As parents we know the pressures and stress that this time of life is fill with for our children, and we want to help them make wise decision. Some times it is hard to know how to encourage, correct, and prepare them as they start to live out there independence. Throughout this DVD series, Karl Benzio will walk you through the biological, mental, and emotional changes that are going on in your teens life and how you can effectively help them succeed as they face so many new and complex pressures and experiences. This DVD series makes a great gift for parents that you would like to encourage, for teachers, counselors, and pastors who are working with students.

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Buy Both Childhood and Teenagers books Buy both Field Manuals for Parenting: Elementary & Adolescents

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Conflict Resolution


DVD with Karl Benzio M.D.

Conflict Resolution All of us interact with other people in every area at work, home, church, social groups, and other settings. Conflict can arise in these sets very easily, feelings can be hurt and rifts separate us from those we care about. In this DVD, Dr. Karl Benzio walks you through a strategy and sets for working through this conflict. How to engage the other individual, evaluate your own thoughts and feelings, and work on a resolution so that the relationship can be restored. This helpful DVD will pay off greatly for repairing relations in your family, home, church, and work environment. All of us run into challenges interpersonally, now there is a tool to help you navigate these challenges successfully.

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Conflict Resolution : Audio CD

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The 7 Essentials of Transformation

DVD (30mins) with Karl Benzio MD

The 7 Essentials of Transformation Many of us have areas of our life that we are desperate to change.  The problem is that we don’t know where to start and the steps we need to take to make these changes.  So, instead of moving forward we often stay stuck in the struggles we are facing for years and the situations get worse.  This video will walk you through “The 7 Essentials of Transformation”.   Karl Benzio will show you the keys to creating long lasting life-change and how to directly apply them to your life!

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Addiction: Sin, Disease, or Personal Defect?


DVD (90 mins) with Karl Benzio M.D.

Addiction: Sin, Disease, or Personal Defect Nature vs. Nurture. Disease vs. Sin. Free Will vs. Victim of my past. Guilt vs. Excuse. Theologians, clinicians, researchers, and philosophers have argued for centuries whether scientific findings blend with religion, spirituality, or faith. Learn how God gave us science to validate the Bible’s accuracy in describing the human condition.

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Can Psych Meds Help Christians?

DVD (75 mins) with Karl Benzio M.D.

More description coming soon!

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The following 8 products can be purchased individually or as a complete set called Edging Forward DVD series. (link to Edging Forward on store curriculum page)

Living in the Promise Land

DVD #1 (25 mins) with Karl Benzio M.D.

Living in the Land of Promise When we make a change in our life and set our feet to a new path, sometimes it is hard for us to know how to live life successfully. This DVD walks you through how to hit your new path with your feet running. You will learn about a commonly overlooked discpline of life, decision-making. Karl will share with you truths from the life of King Solomon, and other Bible passage that show you the importance of Biblical Decision-making. Decision-making is a key to living and thriving in the abundant life God has for you and overcome the pitfalls that make life overwhelming.

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Decision Making 101

DVD #2 (30mins) with Karl Benzio MD

Decision Making 101 This DVD introduces the principles and skills of effective decison-making and how it impact all areas of you life! (DVD #2 in Series)

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Eyes That See The Truth

DVD #3 (30mins) with Karl Benzio MD

Eyes that See the Truth The Lenses you use to see life determines your life.

More description coming soon!

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Satan’s Strategy

DVD #4 (25mins) with Karl Benzio MD

Satan's Strategy From the day that we were born into this world Satan is strategically attacking us. Even as small children he is trying to plant seeds of deceit and corruption. These seeds affect the way we look at the world, our emotions, priorities, and the people around us. Satan’s ability to affect us at such early ages and through our entire life has a huge impact on how we perceive the situations that we encounter and how we react to them. If we want to successfully navigate this world and be faithful followers of Christ we need to strive hard to understand Satan’s attacks and learn how to counter them. This video will walk you through Satan’s Strategy for corrupting our minds, rendering us ineffective in life. By understanding these attacks we can be prepared with God’s truth to keep our perceptions of life situations, experiences and relations in line with God’s plan for our lives!

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Are Our Emotions Good or Bad?


DVD #5 (25mins) with Karl Benzio MD

Are Our Emotions Good or Bad? The bodies built-in warning system!

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Made for Good Works


DVD #6 (25 mins) with Karl Benzio MD

Made for Good Works This video focuses on assessing your options and making good choices. In this video you will learn Lighthouse Network decision making process S.P.E.A.R.S. This process walks you step by step through the characteristics of every decision and situation that you encounter in your life. By learning this process and implementing it into your life you will have a tool for evaluating your life situations, understanding the feelings you are encountering, evaluate your options, effectively responded to your life, and evaluate the outcomes of your choices. God has specially designed us all for good works to be about His will and plans. This video will help you daily determine what how to make decisions in line with your beliefs and life goals.

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Comfort At All Cost


DVD #7 (25mins) with Karl Benzio MD

What we believe about pain will determine our destiny.

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Heirs of the Crown


DVD #8 (25mins) with Karl Benzio MD

Heirs of the Crown This 60-minute DVD is the culminating DVD in this series. It will walk you through the entire process of making good, healthy decision and renewing your mind. Healthy accurate decision making is at the heart of real life success. Heirs of the Crown will tie all the information that you learned in this series together with clear explanation of how to integrate these truths into your every day life. Dr. Benzio challenges you to apply the S.P.E.A.R.S. process to your everyday life helping you understand the challenges you will face and how to successfully overcome them.

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The previous 8 products can be purchased individually or as a complete set called Edging Forward DVD series. (link to Edging Forward on store curriculum page)

Depression: Integrating Body, Mind and Spirit.

DVD (60 mins) with Karl Benzio MD

Depression:Integrating Body, Mind and Spirit Depression is a debilitating disorder that affects people of all ages, races, and income levels.   Whether it is a mother who is trying to cope with life after having a child, high schooler that can’t seem to hit in and is lost and alone in his own room, a middle aged father out of work and overwhelmed by the pressure of mounting bills or an elderly woman with the loss of her husband, no matter the factors the struggle is often the same an individual is stuck and can’t find their way out.  This video will walk you through a biblical perspective on Depression, and helps you develop skills to help overcome its symptoms and to cope with struggles going forward.  A key part of overcoming any disorder is learning how to be make healthy decisions going forward.

Please click here to download a PDF of comments from others who have seen Depression: Integrating Body, Mind, and Spirit.

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