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Within Reach DVD Curriculum and Workbook

Disciplines for Real Life Change

Within Reach - Disciplines for Real life Change Do you long for more from your life and relationships? Is some area of your life tough to control or manage? Want if you could change how you think, feel, or react? Do you desire to be all you were created to be? If so, your goal is Within Reach!

This DVD video series and curriculum provides interactive teaching, self-evaluation, spiritual disciplines, and personal reflection through 10+ hours of instruction and a 140-page workbook. (The workbook is a PDF file that is sent you via email after payment for the curriculum.) Our life-changing, unique training program combines cutting-edge science and Biblical truths, equipping you to:

  • Understand how you were specially and uniquely created
  • Unpack your life and meet the real you
  • Know decision-making mechanics and make healthy decisions
  • Use healthy decisions to create Real Life Change
  • Examine and really transform your heart
  • Identify and overcome your life obstacles
  • Freely achieve your God-given potential

The life you desire is Within Reach! Take hold of it through this practical and easy to implement resource.

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DVD Curriculum:
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Additional Within Reach Workbooks PDF: (We ask that you purchase individual workbooks for each group member that is taking part in the Within Reach training.)
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Edging Forward DVD Series

Mastering the Art of Godly Decision Making

Edging Forward “Edging forward” is a nautical term that describes inch-by-inch progress and methodical advance toward your destination by repeated, small, strategic movements. Life’s storms pound us, pushing us backward, so how will we reach our destination? Even if you’ve made a commitment to live a God-honoring life, nobody teaches you how. So, we struggle in our journey.

The Edging Forward DVD video series teaches you how to navigate life’s storms and thrive. This unique 8-lesson series (25 minutes each) equips you with the key concepts to understand, apply, and master the skills for godly decision-making. You will learn how to:

  • Reach your goals of godly fulfillment
  • Experience the mind of Christ as you make choices.
  • Enjoy life transformation by making decisions based on God’s truth.

Session Details:

  1. Living in the Land of Promise – Understand that the abundant life that Christ talks about is possible through the spiritual discipline of godly decision-making.
  2. Decision-Making 101 – Learn SPEARS, a decision-making tool that equips you to master and apply the principles and skills of godly decision-making.
  3. Eyes that See the Truth – Evaluate and restore a godly perspective to correctly see the people, situations, feelings, and challenges that you are facing, applying God’s truth accurately to your life.
  4. Satan’s Strategy – Arm yourself to make good decisions and resist Satan’s lies by understanding how he attacks.
  5. Emotions: Are they good or bad? Embrace negative emotions as our warning system to alert us of harm/danger.
  6. Made for Good Works – Assess your options, using godly criteria to weigh all the variables, then choose the right response.
  7. Comfort at all Cost – Overcome your fear of pain, which impacts every phase of the decision-making process.
  8. Heirs of the Crown – Integrate the SPEARS decision-making tool into every area of your life for real transformation!
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