The Effects of Legalized Marijuana on Our Kids with Dr. Karl Benzio

This week on License to Parent with Trace Embry…  Trace and Rich’s guest is Dr. Karl Benzio, the Founder and Executive Director of Lighthouse Network. With a background in biomedical engineering and psychiatry, he currently serves as a member of Focus on the Family’s Physicians’ Resource Council. His work focuses on adolescence, addictions, decision-making, and––in his own words––”infusing spirituality into practical treatment modalities, and the ramifications of decision-making on social policy.”

As if parenting wasn’t tough enough as is, the recent and continuing legalization of marijuana is adding yet another layer of complication into the mix.  Topics addressed today:

  • Are alcohol and marijuana in the same league?
  • A brief discussion of the Lighthouse Network and Stepping Stones Daily Devotionals.
  • How the legalization of marijuana came into being, and what the possible implications may be.
  • Short term benefits vs. long term side effects.
  • What happens when Christians misinterpret scripture when trying to justify marijuana use.
  • The correlation between the liberal use of mind-altering drugs in the ’60s and ’70s and the nature of our legal system today.
  • Does the Bible address marijuana and/or drug use in general?
  • How parents should address the argument that marijuana is actually less harmful than alcohol, prescription medicines, and even certain foods.
  • Does marijuana affect different people in different ways, or to different degrees?

More information about these topics, and materials that explore them, are available at Dr. Benzio’s website,  The site is also a wonderful resource for anyone dealing with addiction.

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