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Dear Clinician,

As a Christian psychiatrist, many serious and complex patients are referred to me. One former client of mine was a teenage girl, depressed, PTSD, and cutting. She started some meds and I found a great Christian therapist who also recently started a group for teen cutters. My patient benefited, tapered off meds, and did well with the therapist. Eighteen months later, I had another patient needing the same group, but when I called the therapist, the group was no longer running as the initial group’s members got better, went to college, or dropped out for other reasons.

But the real reason the group died was NOT because cutting and self-harm were purged from Christian society. Sadly, Christians face the same psychological struggles as anyone and their treatment needs are significant. The reason why the group died was lack of marketing. Healthcare providers don’t market well, behavioral health specialists are even worse at marketing, and Christians are terrible at marketing. Marketing is self promotion, while healthcare and Christianity is about serving others.

I know many great Christian clinicians who have to work at secular agencies that restrict the clinician’s expressing their faith, bringing in Christ, or teaching Biblical concepts. The reason these Christian clinicians are in this position is because they had trouble marketing and building up their own private practice.

My Two fold passion for Christian Treatment

Number One: For Christians and the unsaved to get Christian treatment.
Number Two: For the world to see the unlimited healing power only Christ-centered Bible-based treatment can deliver, thus continuing the Behavioral Healthcare Revolution Jesus started.

We want Christian outpatient clinicians like you to have a thriving practice and allow you to freely integrate your faith and Christian principles into your healing work with your clients without administrative restrictions from a secular employer. We know we can help you make it happen.

Lighthouse Outpatient Therapist Network

We are excited to tell you today about Lighthouse Network’s new outpatient therapist network. Lighthouse Network was founded in 2003 and is the largest 24/7 Christian helpline in the country helping people struggling with mental health and addiction issues. Most of our callers in the past have had acute residential or inpatient needs, thus we have worked primarily with Christian residential programs. We have over 150 partners in our network covering a unique continuum in which we place about 30-40 clients per day.

For addictions, Lighthouse Network guarantees to place any adult who is willing to get help. For Mental Health only cases, affordable Christian residential options are few, but we are working with our partners to develop more. We help clients understand insurance benefits and their payment options. At times we even help with transport because of the generosity of our church and individual donors. We are primarily an evangelistic ministry understanding that people struggling with mental health or addiction issues are usually very open to the hope and healing that comes through the truth of God’s word.

Over the past year, we’ve received numerous requests from our church, ministry, and residential program partners to begin an outpatient therapist network using a similar structure to our residential network. Today we are excited to invite you to share in our exciting new outpatient project. If you are not familiar with Lighthouse we encourage you to take a look at our website We have a lot of great information and resources for you and your clients. You can gain access to our therapist-only portion of the website with through our Clinician Portal/ application page.

For a small membership fee of $50, you can take advantage of all the benefits listed below, including an active practice listing in our database and simple opportunities to generate extra revenue for the next 12 months. These benefits are continued each year by providing our Case Management team with 3 residential placements meeting certain criteria. You can even generate extra income for that case by filling out our online assessment form to kick-start our Case Management team.

Pay your Membership Fee Using PayPal and Become a part of Our Network

Please take a look at the list of Therapist Benefits Lighthouse Network is preparing to offer you:

  • Customized Google search – we will take your zip code and do a Google pay-per-click marketing campaign within a 15 mile radius of your practice, at no cost to you.
  • Listing on Lighthouse Network national website for our online visitors to see. You can also use it to show your clients if you don’t already have your own website.
  • Payment for assessments – when you fill out our online assessment on clients that meet specific criteria, we will pay you for your time and effort. You will call our Case Management team first to see if your client meets our criteria, so there will be no wasted effort.
  • Free expert and experienced Case Management services to find your client residential treatment options for all insurance situations (PPO, HMO, Medicare, Medicaid, indigent, self-pay) and clinical issues such as Primary Addictions, Mental Health only, and Dual Diagnosis. This relieves you and your client of the burden of trying to figure out the system and dealing with the insurance’s bureaucratic hoops to place your client.
  • Free access to a vetted group of ministry partners providing sound and ethical inpatient residential or rehab care. This saves you and your client time, energy, and stress of having to hunt for the best Christian options.
  • Due to our close and ongoing relationship with many residential partners, your clients will have access to the special rates we are able to negotiate to minimize their out-of-pocket costs.
  • Access to customized print and marketing materials at group rate pricing.
  • Access to Dr. Benzio’s weekly podcast – (in development and should start in Nov, 2016).
  • Opportunity to win annual Lighthouse Network cruise for two.
  • Exposure for your practice at conferences and exhibitions.

As you see, this is a great opportunity. We suggest calling your state account representative. They will be able to answer any question and guide you through the process of making the most of your membership. Thank you for joining us in this strategic needs-based evangelism effort.

Welcome to the Lighthouse Network family!

By HIS grace,
Karl Benzio, MD, Clinical Director And
David Hoskins, PhD, Vice President of Marketing

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