Christian Drug Rehab in Florida

There are many decisions to weigh when choosing a drug rehab program. Individuals must decide how far they want to travel to their treatment facility, what type of program they want to enroll in, and what philosophy for recovery will work best for them. For example, someone looking for Christian drug rehab in Florida will need to find a program that will accept their type of payment, will address their unique needs, and will offer the kind of recovery they are looking for. With all the small and large details that need to be considered, finding just the right treatment facility can be a stressful task—one that many people find to be too challenging at such a crucial point in their life.

Lighthouse Network was established to help individuals in need of treatment sort through all the many treatment programs that are available to them. We help clients find the program that will meet their needs and wants, will be located near them, and will accept the kind of payment they plan to use. If you are looking for a Christian drug rehab program in Florida or any other area of the country, contact Lighthouse Network today at 844-LifeChange (543-3242) so we can get you on the right track to recovery.

Why Choose Christian Drug Rehab in Florida?

Christian drug rehab has many benefits. Programs that use a faith-based approach have so much to offer because they can provide clients with true, eternal hope. Drug abuse and alcoholism destroy lives, but Christian drug rehab builds up. A person with an addiction to drugs or alcohol is not only afflicted physically; they also suffer psychologically and spiritually.

When a person is trying to recover from a substance abuse addiction, they must address not only their physical dependence on drugs or alcohol, but also the dysfunction in all other areas of life that are affected as well. The best way to do this is to help the person establish a solid foundation on which to heal, so the individual can once again function as a whole, healthy being.

God tells us in the Bible that we will struggle here in this life, we will face temptations to do wrong, and we will fall into those temptations because we are sinful. When these things happen, we often face some serious consequences, which can drag us down into despair and depression. But God also tells us in the Bible He is with us, He loves us, and that through our Savior, Jesus Christ, He forgives our sins and helps us live a holy life once again. God promises peace and to help us in our struggle to live for Him, and to pick us up when we fall, if we trust in His power and not in ourselves.

Individuals of all religious backgrounds can benefit from Christian drug rehab. Christian rehab programs provide encouragement, support, and knowledge which are all necessary for complete recovery. Through clinically-proven therapies and programming, combined with the application of the spiritual truths found in scripture, a Christian rehab facility is the basis for true recovery and lasting transformation.

Ways to Find Successful Christian Treatment Programs in Florida

Florida has many high quality addiction rehab facilities, all offering different programming and amenities. When looking for a treatment center, it is important to look at location, programming, facility type, and philosophy. In order to do this, it is vital to research each rehab center to learn what they do and do not offer, and how well they can help clients recover.

Lighthouse Network has taken the guesswork out of finding the right Christian based drug rehab program. We effectively match clients up with the program to suit their needs and offer the best chance at recovery.

What we at Lighthouse Network look for is the success of these programs. We work closely with the treatment centers we refer clients to, in order to provide individuals and families with the most comprehensive information so they can make the right decision.

Let Lighthouse Network Help You Today

We at Lighthouse Network believe faith can play a critical role in addiction recovery. We work closely with some of the nation’s very best Christian drug rehab facilities, which make use of Bible study, Christian counseling, prayer, fellowship, and the 12 steps to help clients develop a closer relationship with their God and Savior.

Today, let us help you find a Christian drug rehab program near you. No matter where you are in the country, our nationwide database can find the program which is right for you. Let Christian treatment help you heal the wounds that have been caused by drug and alcohol abuse. Through faith, you too can find true peace as you become free of the guilt and shame of your past. If you are ready to experience the love, renewal, and hope of faith-based recovery, contact Lighthouse Network at 844-LifeChange (543-3242), today.

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