Stepping Stones: We Need Your Help!

Stepping Stones: We Need Your Help!
March 7, 2009 Lighthouse Network

Please Help Stepping Stones Devotionals Grow!

Dear Stepping Stones Members,

Thank you for your reception of our Stepping Stones Daily Devotionals. We have received many kind messages of thanks and encouragement regarding the devotional’s impact on people’s lives already.

We are asking for your help to expand the distribution of the Daily Devotional. We have just made it easier to forward the devotional to a friend or family member and for them to subscribe. We had many who tried to forward the devotional but had difficulties, so we have straightened that out.

1. Simply forward the usual way you would forward any email.
2. Enter the email addresses you want as usual, as many as you like.
3. Write a quick message telling them all they have to do is click on the link on the top of each devotional that says:
“Click Here To Subscribe To The Stepping Stones Daily Devotional”.
4. They will get a welcome letter and begin getting the devotionals the next day.

As an alternative, you may also send us the email addresses of those you would like to add and we will do it for you. Please send the addresses to

The Stepping Stones Daily Devotional are created and distributed by Lighthouse Network volunteers and staff. All subscribers’ email addresses will be kept completely confidential; we will never sell or pass on your addresses.

Think who might benefit from spending a few minutes each day in prayer and reading a related scripture passage with a tip for successful living. Let them know your care.

Thank you, and
by HIS grace,
Stepping Stones Daily Devotional Team at Lighthouse Network

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